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  • adam10boy

    adam10boy posted a guide for Team effort.

    This achievement has been updated to "Have 4 Hamsters work simultaneously for 10 minutes continuously" What worked for me to unlock this achievement was to get the perks for 4 hamsters to tend to their own needs and get the perk for auto work and auto maintenence, get the hamsters all to completely empty bars before turning them all on at the same time. this will make the hamsters all tend to their needs at the same time before going to work with full bars. When they all go work within a minute from the first hamster to the last, will unlock the achievement after 10 minutes. I recommend getting the auto maintenance in case any of the facilities run out or need cleaning so this will make the hamsters tend to that without delaying them further.
  • jonahfalcon

    jonahfalcon posted a guide for Bad Ending.

    Be a nice Lasombra. Just keep being nice until the very end.
  • jamieb452

    jamieb452 posted a guide for Unbloodied Hands.

    Just dont shoot, simple
  • Ssandrooo

    Ssandrooo posted a guide for Cooper.

    Após terminar a primeira fase, a que não tem chefe, saia do jogo completamente. Ao entrar no jogo novamente vá em opções e ative o modo fácil. Você poderá tomar muitos hots do chefe que não morrerá.
  • ljwaves

    ljwaves posted a guide for Rest Assured.

    After you reach level 50 Bond and do the previous drink links you can unlock this.

    However, you need to progress to Chapter 13 of the main story first.

    Part way through the chapter you will recruit Joongi Han.

    You will then need to head over the shopping centre to buy him some clothes and then head to Revolve bar for a short cutscene.

    After the cutscene you can finally complete the last drink link.

    This is more of when you can unlock it then I guide, however I was wondering how long I needed to progress to get this, so I thought I would share.

  • Maxemin222

    Maxemin222 posted a guide for First step towards banking.

    This achievement is quite buggy as the quest never appeared during my playthrough but there is a way to unlock it which worked for me. In game you can find a "quest" menu on the bottom of the screen which when click shows 7 tabs. Click the controller icon and check if the achievement is displaying "Reach Banking 1". Now you just want to check that menu every once in a while, eventually it should unlock showing spinning gears and the unlock notification, note this could take one click, or hundreds of attempts. Also you may want to construct the bank in the town hall's "Economy Constuction's" tab before attempting this.
  • Lianhua4646

    Lianhua4646 posted a guide for LEGO City complete..

    You will need to collect 60 golden bricks to unlock LEGO city. In this level, you need to collect 1 million studs with an unlimited amount of time.

  • Lianhua4646

    Lianhua4646 posted a guide for Episode VI complete..

    Here are the 6 levels of episode VI:

    Jabba's Palace:

    The Great Pit of Carkoon:

    Speeder Showdown:

    The Battle of Endor:

    Jedi Destiny:

    Into the Death Star:
  • Lianhua4646

    Lianhua4646 posted a guide for Episode V complete..

    Here are the 6 levels of episode V:

    Hoth battle:

    Escape from Echo Base:

    Falcon Flight:


    Cloud City Trap:

    Betrayal over Bespin:
  • Lianhua4646

    Lianhua4646 posted a guide for Episode IV complete..

    Here are the 6 levels of episode IV:

    Secret Plans:

    Through the Jundland Wastes:

    Mos Eisley Spaceport:

    Rescue the princess:

    Death Star escape:

    Rebel Attack:
  • Lianhua4646

    Lianhua4646 posted a guide for Secret Plans level complete.

    You need to finish the first level of the game in episode IV in story mode.

  • Kobalt

    Kobalt posted a guide for Triple Kill.

    You can do this in a session or with buddies, just search separately with your friends mode-Free for All. Everyone run to the middle of the map and kill 3 buddies with a grenade.
  • Kobalt

    Kobalt posted a guide for Buddy Blowout.

    Private match
    Mode- Large Team CTF
    Have one team capture the flag 3 times and all done,
  • Maxemin222

    Maxemin222 posted a guide for Lucky Me !.

    This is the easiest achievement in the game, all you need to do is launch the game on Windows 10 or 11, allow Xbox services to connect, and achievement unlocked.
  • jamieb452

    jamieb452 posted a guide for Lizzies Postcard Hunt.

    To jump on areas, be sure to pull down on your thumb stick then push up before the ramp or edge while using your turbo boost.
  • Lianhua4646

    Lianhua4646 posted a guide for Myriad Monikers.

    Each character has 15 skills panels containing 5 skills. That's 450 skills in total. At the start of the game, most panels are hidden, don't worry, they will appear during story progression. Once appeared, you need to unlock them. Put your cursor on a locked panel to see the unlock requirements. Once unlocked, the first skill is given to you for free but you need to spend SP to unlock the other 4. To get SP, I recommend doing side quests and beating bosses and giants.
  • Lianhua4646

    Lianhua4646 posted a guide for Jeweler.

    Good news, you can craft the same accessory 30 times. If you need materials, just mine some ores that you can find everywhere.
  • Lianhua4646

    Lianhua4646 posted a guide for Arms Stockpiler.

    There is a total of 103 weapons in the game. You can check if you already forged a weapon in the blacksmith menu with the presence of a little green star icon at the lower right part of the screen.

    To make this achievement less annoying, you should carefully visit every part of every map and beat every enemy on your path during main story to collect a very large set of materials. The very last weapons need materials from the optional dungeon visited during Otherworldly Visitors side quest :

    Otherworldly Survivor
    Secret Achievement Otherworldly Survivor
    Clear the "Otherworldly Visitors" sub-quest and bring about a reunion between a certain pair.
    Gamerscore 55
    Super Rare
  • jamieb452

    jamieb452 posted a guide for Superstar.

    Best guide for this achievement is get a better weapon! lol, nah, just ensure you not quit the game and grind it till you get the award, hopefully it dont crash aswell.
  • SaxenGamer

    SaxenGamer posted a guide for High-Fivist.

    You have the option of sending and receiving "high-fives" at the end of every official match. Press the "A" button of any player.

    If a fellow player sends you high-fives, these will be counted in the progress bar.
  • jamieb452

    jamieb452 posted a guide for Stick It.

    To unlock this you will need to host a dedicated server and have people join.
  • SaxenGamer

    SaxenGamer posted a guide for Grand Tour.

    To begin with, there are (currently) only 5 game modes, each of which is pretty standard if you've played similar FPS games in the past.

    The game modes are:
    move a target between checkpoints while the other team defends and then switches sides

    three different points on the map must be conquered to earn points for victory

    capture a single point to gain points for victory, the point moves every minute

    Zone Control
    The attacking team must take control of 5 different points while the defending team tries to prevent this, after one round the teams switch sides

    Hot Shot
    Each kill drops a bounty, if you have the most bounties you become the hot shot, you move faster and collect bounties if the hot shot has more points to win. However, your location will always be shown to the opposing team.

    To get this achievement, you must play a match in each of the above modes. Winning or losing does not matter. I can also confirm that entering a match during the game counts.

    If you signed up for the Welcome Playlist, which the game recommends, you will not have access to Hot Shot or Zone Control, so make sure you exit the queue and queue specifically for those two modes at some point after playing one of the other three modes from the Welcome Playlist.
  • SaxenGamer

    SaxenGamer posted a guide for Party Player.

    Invite your partner to the game and start a random match. Your partner must have joined the game, otherwise the achievement will not be unlocked.

    It doesn't matter whether you win or lose. Once the match is over, both of you will receive the achievement.

    If anyone needs a ‘boost partner’, please feel free to contact me.
  • SaxenGamer

    SaxenGamer posted a guide for Streaker.

    You have to kill five enemies in a row without dying yourself.

    I did this with the M249 LMG because it has no recoil, and with the Phantom and its lightning shield. Stay in the back row of your team and take cover when you get hit, and when you're safely off the flank, you can use either the M249 or the shield to half-kill the enemy, which counts towards the killstreak. You can also throw a grenade and maybe make one or two kills to start a new life.

    If you are in a killstreak, a skull symbol with a number will appear below the killfeed. Hotshot is a good mode for simple series.

    If this or any other achievement is not displaying correctly, close the game, restart your console and start the game again. Any missing achievements should unlock when you load the main menu. This should also refresh all achievement bars.

    Good luck!
  • SaxenGamer

    SaxenGamer posted a guide for Damage Dealer.

    You have to inflict a total of 10,000 damage on your opponents. It doesn't matter which mode you're playing in, and you don't have to do it in one round (which I don't think is possible).

    Once you have dealt 10,000 damage to your opponents, the achievement will unlock and your profile will be extended by 50 Gamerscore.