Laden With Treasure

You've overcome a score of tests and now you're hoarding twenty chests!

  • zoidberg1339

    zoidberg1339 posted the following guide:

    This achievement was a little daunting for me at first because I am a not particularly skilled - and rather risk-averse - Sea of Thieves player. However, I was able to get it first try while doing one of my favorite activities - mindlessly grinding Forts.

    Forts can be spotted by the green, ghostly glow they emanate when active. After landing and killing all the waves of Phantoms, retrieve the key from the boss and unlock the treasure room down in the dungeon. Any of the ghostly Chest of the Damned and the black & gold Captain’s Chests will count towards this achievement.

    If you search all the cupboards, boxes, dressers, etc you should find a second key - use this to open the secondary treasure room up on the roof. There will be more Chests of the Damned in there.

    Now to get everything onto your ship. I recommend keeping your Captain’s Chests and Chests of the Damned down in the hold and putting everything else up on deck. Head to the nearest Outpost, sell everything on deck (keeping your chests below on board) and by the time you’re finished, the Fort should have reset. (You’ll know it’s reset if it’s glowing green again, if not, keep your distance until it does.)

    Now you just repeat the process. Clear out both treasure rooms, keeping the Captain’s Chests and the Chests of the Damned in the hold so you don’t sell them accidentally, and put everything else up top for easy selling. Each trip to the Outpost allows the Fort time to reset, and earns you a little gold in the process.

    Assuming you get ~6 chests per run, after clearing out the Fort four times you’ll have 20 chests and unlock the achievement. Now you can return to the nearest Outpost and sell *everything*, which should net you a tidy sum. This isn’t the only way you can get this of course, but it’s how my friends and I got this despite not being very good SoT players.

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