Legends - "The Skullduggers"

Five legends from across the sea playing instruments in harmony!

  • zoidberg1339

    zoidberg1339 posted the following guide:

    You can unlock this as a solo player, but the amount of luck required decreases with each additional player in your crew. For best results, get yourself in a 4 person crew first, that way you only need the cooperation of one other friendly player.

    Easiest place to find other players is at Outposts, and the best way to signal friendly intentions is to pull out an instrument and play a shanty. I was at an Outpost with 3 friends and when we saw another player, we started playing and they came over and joined us, unlocking the achievement for everyone.

    As a solo player you need to find four players willing to help you play a jolly tune, which is less likely but still possible.

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