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Get caught stealing 50 times during one dynasty.

  • C64 Mat

    C64 Mat posted the following guide:

    Can be done from the start of the game! As with all Medieval Dynasty achievements, it's much faster, safer and easier to turn on all the benefits from the "customise game" menu, either when starting or from the pause screen.

    Look at your map, and run to the nearest town. Make sure you have the "unlimited carry weight" switched on in the Customise Game menu. Now, walk around the town and swipe everything you can, in daylight hours, under full view of the inhabitants. Planks, baskets, tools, crops, firewood, you name it! Also open every chest you can find too.

    Every time a little pop-up appears in the top left corner of the screen telling you your dynasty reputation has decreased, you're one 50th closer to unlocking the achievement! When you've swiped everything, run to the next town and do the same.

    Whilst you're there, make sure to sell what you've stolen to a vendor to work towards the "Sell 50 stolen goods" achievement too!

    Achievement unlocked!

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