Free Wally

Rescued Wally From Monkey Island

  • zoidberg1339

    zoidberg1339 posted the following guide:

    This is a tricky achievement, requiring you to perform missable actions in Parts II and IV before unlocking it in Part V. Spoilers ahead, obviously.

    - In Part I you’ll grab a couple manacles from Wally the cartographer - combine them together to increase their magnifying power. (You need to do this to proceed in other puzzles anyway)

    - In Part II aboard LeChuck’s ship, you’ll see a pair of shackles near the bow (front) of the ship on the top deck. They won’t show up as a normal item you can interact with, you have to select the monocles from your inventory and use them with the shackles.

    - In Part IV you’ll be able to return to Melee Island. Once there, go to the Locksmith on High Street and give her the serial number from the shackles in LeChuck’s ship. You’ll get a key.

    - In Part V, near the end of the game you’ll find Wally locked in those same shackles. Use the key to free him.

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