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Win 500 Ranked matches.

  • ResiGamer32

    ResiGamer32 posted the following guide:

    This achievement will not unlock at 500, more like 700 and above. The reason being is the tracker stops working after 50 or so matches unless you quit to dashboard and restart.

    Best method for quick(ish) boosting is as follows

    Ranked Match

    Alt/Boosting partner joins the above match and quits out. And repeat. You might want to put a film on for this one, as you are going to be bored fast. You can track your quit outs in the leaderboards under suicides but be warned they are not 100 percent accurate.

    With an alt this will take you 5-6 hours. 11 hours with a boosting partner.

    I would strongly advise playing on at least 1 xbox 360 for this, the emulator on series X seems to have issues saving wins/kills, it took me nearly 1200 matches to pop this achievement as a result. Write down your wins, every 50 quit to dashboard and resume. This achievement is expected to be discontinued after the 24th January 2023 server closure.

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