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  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Big Boss.

    This achievement will unlock after completing Ray's Mentorship. To do so, you have to finish 8 tasks given by him between dungeon runs (whenever Ray will have a blue bubble above him, it means you can get the next task), which are:

    Task one: Complete a job with 5 stars.
    The easiest way for doing this is in Joblin, sometimes you will walk into a room without enemies but with a floating 'J'. This 'J' is the job marker. Complete it by killing Joblins as fast as you can.

    Task two: Defeat 10 monsters with only your bare hands.
    As it says, kill 10 Joblins without a weapon (not even props).

    Task three: Break up the Joblin Union.
    After being assigned this task, sometimes you may spot a checkbox room. This means it's a room for one of the currently active tasks (either from Ray or any other mentor). The Joblin Union room will spawn only in the Joblin dungeon (duh) and it will contain a big number of Joblins. Kill them all to complete the task.

    Task four: Complete a floor without dodge rolling.
    Literally, just don't press the roll button on a single floor.

    Task five: Acquire 10 skills in one run.
    This should be quite easy to achieve, if you will consider the curse rooms and the shop skills. Otherwise, your best friend is getting one skill endorsed before a run and pinning it for the said run.

    Task six: Defeat the King Slime in Winkydink.
    Just like the Joblin Union, this will be in a checkmark room (on your minimap) but in Winkydink instead of Joblin.

    Task seven: Finish an end floor combat without taking damage.
    An end floor is a room with a slide to the next floor (not the boss floor, as you may have guessed). There will spawn about 5 enemies and likely you will get the Joblins either in a car or with burrito bombs, which will make a no-damage task quite hard. If you can, supply yourself in damage-increasing skills or in helpful apps.

    Task eight: Reach floor B4 with no skills.
    The B4 floor is the last and it is the boss fight floor. Unpin your skill (if you had one) and do NOT take any skills you may found during the run. On the safe side, I would also not recommend taking a curse.
  • SachsoniaLE
  • MLG Coconuts

    MLG Coconuts posted a guide for The Critic.

    Simply finish a community leave it doesn't matter if you win or lose just finish it and review it cheers guys hope it helps
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Zestfully Clean.

    The showers are on the far left side of Foxington, to the left of the WiggleMania challenge. Once you find yourself at the showers, hit one of the valves with your tail.
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Did I Do That?.

    The easiest achievement of the DLC. Once in Foxington, jump into the water.
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Foxamania.

    This is one of the last achievements you will unlock.
    The entrance to the WiggleMania challenge is on the far left of Foxington.
    Getting hit once means a restart. Do NOT try collecting any diamonds/coins that do not appear between rounds (for example, don't try to go for the diamond in the first phase of 3rd stage, it's not worth it when you can easily invalidate the run).

    There's 4 stages which will be increasingly difficult and making you go bald (I'm not joking, the hit boxes are so ridiculous that you will very likely be off put by this).

    First stage - 4 birds, each for 4 squares, when killed, they spawn 4 flowers on the corresponding squares. Kill each group first (first kill the bird, then go in the middle of the flowers and double jump before they attack. Rinse and repeat.) No environmental hazards.

    Second stage - 4 big caterpillars, three times. Once all of the caterpillars are killed, the next 4 spawn. Environmental hazard - Lava balls from random tiles.

    Third stage - 4 normal bees on set patterns, times 3. Kill all bees, the next ones spawn. Environmental hazards - Tiles turn to spikes at set patterns. Also, lasers.

    Fourth stage - Increasingly 1, 2 and 4 fast-shooting bees and 1 magma monster. First take care of the bees, because they can and likely will do you dirty. The magma monster takes 3-4 hits. Do NOT kill him by jumping as the purple sphere that comes out of it will spawn right over it and almost 100% WILL hit you if you do (Do the final hit, by hitting it with your tail.). The purple sphere will come to you for a few seconds WHILE the next phase (next enemies) begins, so you need to be REALLY careful. Environmental hazard - lasers.

    You can combine this with the achievements for completing this challenge and completing it while having the Maxi Mullet equipped, but I STRONGLY recommend that you do those two first.
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Hello World.

    Story achievement, earned at the start of the game, so unmissable.
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Speedrun.

    In one run here means:
    No quitting the game to desktop or main menu, pausing or restarting levels is fine.
    From Mansion to Ice (and the reskin of Mansion).
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Adventurer.

    This will be almost 100% your last achievement of the game. Unfortunately it is also very prone to bugging.

    I personally saw a positive change only after a system reinstallation and denying the cloud save (which no longer works anyway, since the save system has been broken by the update which removed online as well).

    When it DOES work, play until you get to the Power Plant level and in the final area instead of finishing the level, make loops on the road.

    After finishing the whole game, including the DLC maps that were incorporated into the base, I had 51%. Your mileage may vary greatly.
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Fashion Victim.

    This achievement REQUIRES you to trade either over Xbox Live or locally, as two clothing sets are not possible to acquire in a single playthrough.

    Some of the sets will be granted to you through the story, but most of them will be in shops or in chests to be found.

    Exactly the two sets that are not LEGITIMATELY acquirable in a single playthrough are the Queen/King set and the Men/Women Masquerade set (Man Hero has to trade for the Women sets of these with a Woman Hero and likely for the other way).
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Coronation Chicken.

    After you become King/Queen, you have a few chances at this achievement. Dress in a chicken suit and make one of the decisions.

    Be careful though, the decision about Mistpeak and Sabine is the LAST ONE before which you can unlock this.
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Cup Rookie.

    Cup Rookie - Complete the 100 HP Series (20 GamerScore)

    To unlock this, you need to place 3rd or better in the last event of the Series, which in turn is unlocked only after placing 3rd or better in the previous three events.
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Fat Wallet.

    Fat Wallet - Collect over 1.000.000 Coins (5 GamerScore)

    After finishing the last of the Series, you should be well after the half-mark to the 1 million requirement, in the range of 600-700k.

    As only Series events give you respectable amounts of Coins compared to the Stunt Parks (Quick Race events do not give you any Coins, save for 500 Coins for any and each Car Part-replacement), I'd recommend replaying the 300 HP Series as these give you the largest payouts (first three events give you around 60k, while the final one pays out around 130k) with a negligible increase of difficulty.
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Collector.

    Collector - Collect all 126 Car Parts (30 GamerScore)

    Before you can buy cars (what's also a requirement for an another achievement), you first need to collect 3 parts for each car/variant.

    There are exactly 126 parts, broken down:
    * 40 in the Perilous Park,
    * 40 in the Crimson Park,
    * 46 parts in all of the Series maps, ranging from 2 to 6-8 per track.
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Endurance Driver.

    Endurance Driver - Race 50 Consecutive Laps in Time Trial (10 GamerScore)

    Time Trials are available from the start in the Quick Race menu and you need to do 50 laps without quitting the game (pausing is fine). This can take anywhere from <15 minutes to an hour, considering the track and the car chosen.
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Cup Champion.

    Cup Champion - Complete the 300 HP Series (20 GamerScore)

    To earn this achievement, you have to finish at least 3rd in the last event of the Series, which you need to unlock by placing at least 3rd in the first three.
  • jlsgi003

    jlsgi003 posted a guide for Rear View Mirror.

    Unavoidable. Play as both characters and leave their respective rooms. Finish cutscene.
  • jlsgi003

    jlsgi003 posted a guide for Chapter One.

    Unavoidable. Progress through to and finish final cutscene.
  • EightVessel6908

    EightVessel6908 posted a guide for King of Chording.

    King of Chording G30:
    Dig 1000 dirt tiles by "chording" (placing flags on nearby traps and tapping the adjacent tiles)

    You must use both left and right mouse button at the same time. The little MS guy sweeps dirt tiles that are not flagged. I guess this saves a bit of time if you know there aren't a bunch of mines there. I've finally figured it out, hope this helps. OR you have to dig up every non-trap tile in a level, without triggering a trap. I just did the first 3 level uses maps for traps without any of these things, and it popped when I clicked the exit.
  • EightVessel6908

    EightVessel6908 posted a guide for Efficent Shopper.

    Efficent Shopper G50:
    Enter a shop with at least 500 gold and spend down to exactly 0 before you leave

    This one is a little tricky since each time you visit a Mummy Shop after 5 levels, the prices of all of the items (aside from the Amulet) go up, so it's very hard to plan ahead to have exactly enough money to spend it all on things. Thankfully Amulet prices are the same every time, so that's the one thing you can plan on. The first Amulet costs 50 gold, and is available after level 1, so buy that. The second Amulet (which you can buy after dying once) costs 100 gold. The third Amulet costs 500 gold. Since the achievement requires you to have at least 500 gold, you won't be able to do this until the third Amulet. You will also have to be very careful when collecting gold. Here's what to do: After level 1, buy the Amulet for 50 gold. Now play through levels and collect exactly 600 gold (enough for the second and third Amulets). Be extremely careful to ensure you'll end up with exactly 600. Be aware of whether you have the clover that doubles your gold collected. Small piles of gold are worth 3 gold, large ones 8. Once you've got 600 gold, kill yourself, buy the second Amulet for 100 gold, kill yourself again, buy the third Amulet for 500 gold, and when you exit the shop the achievement will unlock.
  • EightVessel6908

    EightVessel6908 posted a guide for No Stone Unturned.

    No Stone Unturned G50:
    Dig all dirt tiles without traps on any level

    For this, you have to dig up every non-trap tile in a level, without triggering a trap. Don't chord (right+left click to dig all tiles directly around you). I'm not sure if using flags voids the achievement. I just did the first level uses maps for traps without any of these things, and it popped when I clicked the exit. If you do uncover a trap, that will void the achievement. So make sure you're extra careful and plan out your movements so as to not hit a trap.
  • EightVessel6908

    EightVessel6908 posted a guide for We need shotguns.

    We need shotguns G5:
    Upgrade 25 archer with the rifleman

    Follow the same strategy as "Every able body". Summon a rifleman during a bonus round to upgrade archer allies. Riflemen are distinguishable by the fact that they cost 10 upgrade points to summon, and their picture is a unit holding a rifle. Putting these on the field, then spamming archer to spawn will automatically upgrade the archers. Make sure you are able to keep the rifleman alive by summoning allies ahead of him to distract the zombies. Again, don't worry if you don't do this in one wave, it can be done over multiple waves but can easily be done in one wave.
  • EightVessel6908

    EightVessel6908 posted a guide for Every able body.

    Every able body G5:
    Upgrade 25 farmers with the swordsmith

    Farmer allies will automatically upgrade once they are on the field with a swordsmith ally. Swordsmith allies are distinguishable by the fact that they cost 10 upgrade points, and their picture card will be a character holding a hammer. This can be done during a bonus mission as your allies do all the work for you. Simply build a swordsmith and then spam the farmer ally until you have gotten 25 of them spawned and upgraded. Don't worry if you don't do this in one wave, it can be done over multiple waves but can easily be done in one wave.
  • EightVessel6908

    EightVessel6908 posted a guide for You are winner hahaha.

    You are winner hahaha G5:
    Launch 1000 pachinko balls

    Pachinko Balls are tiny silver balls that are useable in the Pachinko min-game. Playing pachinko gives you the opportunity to win coins, cards, powers, food, revives, and even gems! The game is accessed on the shop screen in the bottom right corner, and the game itself is quite simply as you launch pachinko balls by holding down or swiping the launcher. The more balls you have in play, the bigger your multiplier, so it's best to wait until you have a good amount to highten your chances of winning good items.

    You can gain pachinko balls by buying a pack of them (not recommended), or gaining them during waves. They appear on the screen as silver balls and you must collect them. You will sometimes get huge rewards of these during bonus rounds and even during waves, so just collect them when you can and then use them in the game. Once you launch your 1000th ball, this achievement will unlock.
  • EightVessel6908

    EightVessel6908 posted a guide for That took forever.

    That took forever G60:
    Get all 50 waves to level 99

    Many of us will likely never attempt to do this achievement and will have to settle for the 140/200 due to the extreme length of time doing this would take. Just by doing this for one level, and the easiest level to boot, would take you an hour and a half at 1 minute per game. Now, factor in level 50 alone, which is about 8-10 minutes for wave completion, and you're looking at around 14 hours just to get wave 50 to level 99 alone (and that's with some beefed up power ups and a lot of gems needed). Currently there is only ONE user who has completed this achievement at, and he would estimate it looks upwards of 300 hours to complete every wave to level 99. Keep in mind that 99 levels*50 waves = 4900 minimum playthroughs.

    If you are going for this one, prepare for it to consume a good chunk of your life. If you are brave enough, "MajesticPanda89" over at trueachievements has some good strategies/plans for you, which can be seen here. I won't paste them here so as to steal his solution, and knowing I will never accomplish this, I have no plans on adding my own solution. However, what he suggests is the general plan I would take if attempting this, so head on over to the posted link for help with this pain in the neck achievement.