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  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Service History.

    A custom setup here means the "Vehicle Setup", accessible from the 'service area' (so when you load in a event and have the option to start the event).

    Anyway, once you have the DLC installed, go to the first competition (AlpineStars Trophy) and select the second race (American RallyX Crown). You need to use a car from the Power and Glory Car Pack (such as the Ford Focus ST Rallycross). Once the race is loaded, go into 'Vehicle Setup', change the options available to your liking (though at least one of them has to be modified for the achievement to pop) and race for the first place (you can change the difficulty to 1 in the 'Difficulty and Assists' menu, if you want a guarantee).
  • I Am Kernholio

    I Am Kernholio posted a guide for End of the Rainbow.

    This achievement is straightforward and easy. I posted a link to a video below from when I unlocked it. Just do what I did and you'll get it no problem. Once inside the bar and you're able to control your character, take out the 4 or 5 enemies from the Irish gang that will be shooting at you however you see fit. There will be an enemy that will drive off that you need to kill in order for the achievement to unlock. Once you take out everyone in the bar, make sure to exit through the front door. That way you'll be in front of him when he drives by, just kill him before he drives past you. If you exit the bar through the backdoor you'll have to chase him down in a car and stop him.
  • MisterRNx

    MisterRNx posted a guide for Two Shakes of a Rat’s Tail.

    First Reception is the Rats invitation. It's a very simple invitation and serves as a tutorial for you to get used to the game. You'll get it on your first try without much effort.
  • MisterRNx

    MisterRNx posted a guide for The Road.

    Unlocked automatically as Canard is the first Library Level.
  • SachsoniaLE
  • I Am Kernholio

    I Am Kernholio posted a guide for Pardon!.

    You'll unlock this achievement for messing with the police officer (fighting him) and you should be able to unlock it fairly easily. I was able to on my first attempt and with literally 0 health left. It will only take a few hits to take him down. Make use of your special attacks, I found the low kick most helpful, and definitely dodging. Cops deal a lot more damage than the other enemies and can take you down in as little as 2 hits. You'll see on the video I have posted below that I started the fight with 4 out of 5 hearts and after only 1 hit from the officer I was down to literally 0 left. If you're able to get behind the cop or able to piss in his walking path as he is walking towards you and making him slip that will give you some advantage (if you're skilled unlike me, you'll cause him to slip and won't fail like I did).
    The first cop you will encounter is near the end of level 2 however, this is not where you will be unlocking this achievement. You'll just want to avoid this cop. The next one you encounter and the one where you will be earning this achievement is during level 4. Here's a video of when I unlocked it:

  • I Am Kernholio

    I Am Kernholio posted a guide for Arctic Grave.

    In the link below I have the video posted of when I unlocked this achievement. The best tips I could advise are to try and keep up with the car as best you can (obviously) but try and be close enough to him when he crashes through the fence so that you can pass him. It isn't hard to skid it of control on the ice so that can be annoying. In order for you to make the car stop, his bumper will have to make contact with your car. Otherwise he'll drive around you. If you don't get it right away that's fine you have enough time to mess up a couple times. Try and get the car to stop as close as you can to the water, so you don't have to push him as far. Make sure he doesn't get too far away from you otherwise you'll end up starting a fight instead of pushing him in. I fell in the water right after I pushed him in but the achievement still unlocked. For some reason it doesn't record the achievement popping.

  • Dakvz

    Dakvz posted a guide for Legacy campaign. Hooray!.

    For anyone needing help:
  • Nod Nolan

    Nod Nolan posted a guide for Hedge Slinger.

    As you progress through the game you can rescue NPC's from in the Gungeon.

    Once you find "Gunsling King and Manservantes" you will randomly discover them in the Gungeon rooms.

    You will need to pay 18+ Shells to instigate a challenge in the next room.

    Complete the challenge then return to talk first to Gunsling King. and then to Manservantes, who will reward you for completing the challenge.

    Do this FIVE TIME during runs and you will unlock the achievement.
  • I Am Kernholio

    I Am Kernholio posted a guide for Jump Around.

    There are several places where you can unlock this achievement. A really good spot to get this achievement is during the motocross race called Enduro. It's a medium difficulty and medium length race. I posted a video that shows the exact location of the race. Once the race starts there will be yellow and white check points you drive through. At the 14th check point is where you'll jump a high ramp. You'll easily clear 140m. There is actually no avoiding it so it can't be missed. Just simply play this race.

  • I Am Kernholio

    I Am Kernholio posted a guide for Oh, no you don't.

    This achievement is pretty straightforward. You will have to be playing as Sam B. He is the only character with the tackle skill so you won't be able to unlock it with anyone else. The soonest you will be able to unlock this achievement is when you get to the church for the first time. This is where you will encounter the first Ram in the game. There will be about 4 or 5 zombies around him so take them out first. Once I opened the gate to the front entry way to the church I threw a molotov. You'll kill most of the zombies this way if not all. Even if the gate is open, the Ram won't be able to attack you if your outside of it. Once the zombies are killed now you can focus on the ram. He will charge at you pretty quickly so make sure to jump to the side. Once he charges into a wall or object he'll be stunned for a few seconds, that's your que to attack. You don't need to use the tackle skill the entire time, only on the final hit so you can use whatever weapon you want to bring down his health. Once his health is just about completely exhausted, use the tackle skill to make the final blow. Here's a video I recorded from when I unlocked the achievement.

  • I Am Kernholio

    I Am Kernholio posted a guide for Long Distance Relationship.

    An easy way you can unlock this achievement early on in the game is during the mission "Recovery". Early on in the mission you'll be ordered to head to the town hall and school to rescue a hostage. Continue along the roadway but be careful, there will be a few enemies along the way. You will have a vehicle at your disposal that will help with the first few. A little further along you'll be able to see that the road is blocked off. If you do just a vehicle is recommend ditching it before you get close and continuing on foot. At the road blockage there will be about 5 or 6 enemies and 2 mounted guns. Just continue along the left side of the road closest to the beach. Use your closing to get as close as you can. There will be a guard rail and bushes along the side of the road to cover you when you need to duck and recharge your cloaking. Get as close as you can and take the enemies out however you see fit. In this area you'll find the missile launcher for the first time in the game. Grab it and continue along the road a few hundred feet until you see the town hall and abandoned school in the distance. A good point to stop is as soon as you hear over the radio "Nomad, looks like the KP have set up HQ at the town hall next to the school. We need to find that hostage. Recon the building for any signs of the contacts whereabouts." Once you hear this message stop and simply aim your missile launcher at the school and shoot. It's well over 200m so you'll definitely unlock the achievement. I posted a video below showing how I unlocked it. I was able to get an accurate hit on the third shot. Don't shoot at the building I did on my first shot, noones in it. My second shot was aimed too close to the dirt hill so the missile went off course. Third shot was good. There is actually 2 missile launchers so you will have up to 6 shots which is more than enough even if you mess up.

  • I Am Kernholio

    I Am Kernholio posted a guide for A Ride to Remember.

    There are 7 Unique Vehicles that can be found in the game. However, only one will need to be found and driven in order to unlock this achievement. I made a video on where to find all 7. In order to unlock Dangerzone you will need the vehicle hack unlocked. I also recommend having the vehicle hack unlocked for the Wrecker as well. It isn't needed for this one but will make it a little easier to obtain.
    Rainbow Missile- 0:05-1:17
    Flip Wagon- 1:18-3:29
    Danger Mobile- 3:30-4:57
    Ice Cube- 4:58-6:10
    Mountain King- 6:11-7:55
    Dangerzone- 7:56-10:53
    Wrecker- 10:54-12:15

  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for High Score.

    Before you're able to go for this achievement, you will need to edit a user configuration file in order to fix the key bindings of the spitfire minigame.

    To do so, follow the instructions in this YouTube video for ease of use:
  • I Am Kernholio

    I Am Kernholio posted a guide for Gravity Gun.

    In order to unlock this achievement you will need to finish the First Person Cloud level without picking up any ammo and completing the level objectives which are soaking 15 humans, destroying 15 towers, and beating the boss. I posted a link to a video of the best way to get through the level (in my opinion) and without any damage done. Just follow it and you'll get through no problem. Just remember when you get to the area right before the boss battle to use your snow on 1 or 2 additional humans to the 1 you already have. It isn't required but it will make the boss battle a lot easier and a lot faster. By throwing 3 human snowballs at him he should die in 1 or 2 hits. If you go in with 1 only, it will take a little more hits to kill him and you'll have to deal with the smaller enemies.

  • I Am Kernholio

    I Am Kernholio posted a guide for Hairdresser.

    A good area to get this achievement in is at the end of Chapter 10 Room Service in the laundry room right before you reach the parking garage and discover Marty's fate. There will be about 5 or 6 enemies in that area so you'll have enough time to get the headshots. I posted a video on how I unlocked the achievement.

  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Gunning For Glory.

    Pretty straightforward. The fastest you'll be able to start working on this will be in the Reliquary (under Brightwall Academy).
    Doesn't matter if you use a rifle or a pistol.
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Archmage.

    This achievements requires you to equip AND cast all 15 possible spell combinations.
    There are 6 spells to unlock through the Road to Rule: Fireball, Shock, Ice Storm, Vortex, Force Push and Blades. All but the Fireball spell cost 40 Guild Seals. Additionally you will need to unlock the Spell Weaving chest that costs 50 Guild Seals for this achievement.

    Fireball is always the first chest that has to be opened (during the Castle escape) and costs 1 Guild Seal.
    Shock is unlocked after obtaining the Music Box (in the dungeon of the Brightwall Academy).
    Ice Storm is unlocked after making promises to both Samuel (Academy reopening promise) and Sabine (Mistpeak restoration promise).
    Vortex and the Spell Weaving are unlocked after defeating all of the Hobbes in the coloseum-like area of The Hole (the Mistpeak Monorail quest).
    Force Push is unlocked after meeting Page in the Bowerstone Resistance quest
    The last spell, Blades, is unlocked after promising Kalin to make Aurora a part of Albion.

    These are the combinations possible:
    Fireball & Vortex
    Fireball & Shock
    Fireball & Ice
    Fireball & Force Push
    Fireball & Blades
    Vortex & Shock
    Vortex & Blades
    Vortex & Ice
    Vortex & Force Push
    Ice & Shock
    Ice & Blades
    Ice & Force Push
    Blades & Shock
    Force Push & Shock
    Force Push & Blades
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Ghost Brothers.

    This achievement unlocks after completing two quests: "Bored to Deah" and "Gone, but not Forgotten" from the ghost brothers Sam and Max (which you may remember from Fable 2 as they mention a mantis in Bloodstone).
    Both of these quests are located in the Morningwood cementary, but are available only after your first meeting with Page in Bowerstone Old Quarter.

    First quest from the brothers will have you go to Millfields, where you must find and dig out the Normanomicon from a grave and then fight a few waves of hollow men.

    The second quest should be available from Sam shortly after the first one has been completed. Sam will have you following Max into a new sub-area, the Reliquary. Follow Max until the final area, where you will fight waves of both ghosts and hollow men. After an in-game cutscene, the achievement should unlock on the quest completion page.
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Save The Princess!.

    This achievement unlocks after completing the quest "The Game", available in the Bowerstone Market.
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Coronation Chicken.

    After you become King/Queen, you have a few chances at this achievement. Dress in a chicken suit and make one of the decisions.

    Be careful though, the decision about Mistpeak and Sabine is the LAST ONE before which you can unlock this.
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Meritorious.

    This achievement required you to get all 50 available badges.

    46 badges were available from all of the possible sessions for the 23 types of exercise (in Activities, Workouts and Classes).

    4 other badges are earned by respectively:
    * The Visitor - 3rd launch of the game
    * The Regular - 10th launch of the game
    * Feel The Burn - 30 minutes of exercise on a particular day
    * Calorie Killer - 60 minutes of exercise on a particular day

    So, where's the Discontinued part?

    There's 3 types of exercise in the Workouts that are/were unlockable only through Uplay that is now discontinued in favor of Ubisoft Connect: Toning, Legs and Sports Preparation.

    As Uplay is discontinued, there's a high chance that you can't earn or redeem the Units (Uplay points) in-game anymore. Though the rewards are still unlockable using Units in the Ubisoft Connect page:, though I cannot confirm that the in-game content will be available even when redeemed.
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Tough Love.

    This achievement requires you to save everyone before the ending.

    It will require you to amass 6.500.000 gold in the Castle Treasury. You MUST end up at OR over this value after your last judgment (Fate of Mistpeak).

    If you will decide to go through with all of the good choices, you will end up with a deficit of 2.400.000 gold, which means you have to transfer 8.900.000 gold from your own funds.

    If you will decide to go through with all of the evil choices, you will end up with 3.950.000 gold, meaning you'll have to transfer 2.550.000 gold from your personal funds.

    There are two sources of big amounts of money.
    1.000.000 gold can be earned from the Sunset House demon door for simply being the ruler of Albion.
    2.000.000 gold (and a random Legendary weapon) can be earned by opening the 50 silver key chest in the Bowerstone Castle.
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Crime Spree.

    This achievement requires you to commit enough crime to make the bounty 15,000 gold.

    This must be done before becoming the ruler of Albion, as afterwards, your crimes will not get you a bounty. (This is possible to bypass by playing LIVE Co-op. Though you will need to count your bounty manually, as bounties are counted as both players' total in Co-op.)

    The easiest way to do this is to go to one of the Bowerstone parts or to Brightwall and start killing civilians and guards.
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Popularity Contest.

    This achievement unlocks after changing your relationship with 20 NPCs to Friends.

    This must be done before becoming the ruler of Albion, as afterwards, everyone is your friend and the achievement's counter will reset to zero at every friend made, making this achievement not possible on this save anymore. (Possibly playing Co-op with someone will allow you to get this achievement in that case.)