Reach 6th Grade in the Permanent Record.

  • PangoBara

    PangoBara posted the following guide:

    These Permanent Record achievements are level up achievements based on the amount of points you get across games.

    You need 225k to reach 6th Grade where this final achievement for it will unlock.

    The best way to grind experience is to play Study Mode with 8 players in single controller mode. Then, you just need to get every answer correct. Feel free to google, use a calculator, or use the built in cheats to get the correct answer.

    With 8 players, you should get about 18k to 20k points per playthrough of that mode. About 11 attempts (plus the game of Exam Mode that you need to win and a 1-player study mode playthrough) will put you pretty close to the final score if not surpass it.

    If you are really close at that point, just run through exam mode until you get enough points. Exam Mode has a 2.5 multiplier, but can only be played solo. So, 200 points would get you 500 if you failed on the next question.

    Once you score enough points, let the end of that match play out and the achievement will unlock once you get past the 6th Grade barrier.

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