Green Thumb

Reach level 20 in a single game of Standard or Expert mode.

  • CrysisWarXX3

    CrysisWarXX3 posted the following guide:


    Flowers lover first thing this is the hardest achievement in the game and just to make things clear this game is 50℅ skills and 50% luck so I can will only gave you some tips to make your life easier with this random game.

    # First of all don't try to get this until you get the 9000 score Achievement because reaching level 20 is no jock and you must be skilled enough with the game.

    # Don't even try to make a big combos you're here to reach level 20 not to get a massive score instead try to make your board as clear as possible.

    # When you start reaching level 13 and above the game will start putting stone bricks in the board to destroy your hopes but instead of being pushed by those bricks use them to your advantage by putting the flowers that they will mess your board in bricks positions before reaching the next level, here is a picture showing the bricks positions in each level:

    # When you reach level 16 and above the real shit starts the game will turn into 75% luck and 25% skills at this point if the game hates you you will fail no mater what but keep trying you will get that perfect run no matter what it took from me 5 to 8 runs to get it.

    # Last thing is as I told you before this is very luck based game with some skills and the key to beat this achievement is by being persistent so don't gave up I also had some rage moments with it but i managed to get it and you also can, If you start getting tired and exhausted from the game just leave and do something else this game requires you to be in a good mood and fresh mind.

    Please if you like my solution vote up and if you don't you can vote down, I know some people's like to vote down for no reason, Aaah just kidding 😂 thanks and good luck.

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