Bring a Bomb to a Goat Fight

Defeat the evil goat boss.

  • PangoBara

    PangoBara posted the following guide:

    This will most likely be one of the earliest achievements you unlock as the goat is 1/2 of the possible first stage bosses.

    This is the easiest boss in the game. It spawns in 2 normal goats and charges at you. If it hits one if your bombs, it will launch it in a straight line and explode it when it hits a wall.

    The best way to defeat it is to stick to the outside perimeter of the room. Once you line it up with you, an exclamation will pop up above its head then charge at you. Drop a bomb and get out if the row quickly. It'll hit the bomb and blow itself up. Repeat like 4 times to kill it.

    If you have X abilities, you gain additional ways to kill it. The absolute best one is the bear trap. Traps one hit kill most bosses. So, lay a trap in its charging path instead of a bomb and it will die instantly when it tuns over it.

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