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  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Gunning For Glory.

    Pretty straightforward. The fastest you'll be able to start working on this will be in the Reliquary (under Brightwall Academy).
    Doesn't matter if you use a rifle or a pistol.
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Archmage.

    This achievements requires you to equip AND cast all 15 possible spell combinations.
    There are 6 spells to unlock through the Road to Rule: Fireball, Shock, Ice Storm, Vortex, Force Push and Blades. All but the Fireball spell cost 40 Guild Seals. Additionally you will need to unlock the Spell Weaving chest that costs 50 Guild Seals for this achievement.

    Fireball is always the first chest that has to be opened (during the Castle escape) and costs 1 Guild Seal.
    Shock is unlocked after obtaining the Music Box (in the dungeon of the Brightwall Academy).
    Ice Storm is unlocked after making promises to both Samuel (Academy reopening promise) and Sabine (Mistpeak restoration promise).
    Vortex and the Spell Weaving are unlocked after defeating all of the Hobbes in the coloseum-like area of The Hole (the Mistpeak Monorail quest).
    Force Push is unlocked after meeting Page in the Bowerstone Resistance quest
    The last spell, Blades, is unlocked after promising Kalin to make Aurora a part of Albion.

    These are the combinations possible:
    Fireball & Vortex
    Fireball & Shock
    Fireball & Ice
    Fireball & Force Push
    Fireball & Blades
    Vortex & Shock
    Vortex & Blades
    Vortex & Ice
    Vortex & Force Push
    Ice & Shock
    Ice & Blades
    Ice & Force Push
    Blades & Shock
    Force Push & Shock
    Force Push & Blades
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Ghost Brothers.

    This achievement unlocks after completing two quests: "Bored to Deah" and "Gone, but not Forgotten" from the ghost brothers Sam and Max (which you may remember from Fable 2 as they mention a mantis in Bloodstone).
    Both of these quests are located in the Morningwood cementary, but are available only after your first meeting with Page in Bowerstone Old Quarter.

    First quest from the brothers will have you go to Millfields, where you must find and dig out the Normanomicon from a grave and then fight a few waves of hollow men.

    The second quest should be available from Sam shortly after the first one has been completed. Sam will have you following Max into a new sub-area, the Reliquary. Follow Max until the final area, where you will fight waves of both ghosts and hollow men. After an in-game cutscene, the achievement should unlock on the quest completion page.
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Save The Princess!.

    This achievement unlocks after completing the quest "The Game", available in the Bowerstone Market.
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Coronation Chicken.

    After you become King/Queen, you have a few chances at this achievement. Dress in a chicken suit and make one of the decisions.

    Be careful though, the decision about Mistpeak and Sabine is the LAST ONE before which you can unlock this.
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Meritorious.

    This achievement required you to get all 50 available badges.

    46 badges were available from all of the possible sessions for the 23 types of exercise (in Activities, Workouts and Classes).

    4 other badges are earned by respectively:
    * The Visitor - 3rd launch of the game
    * The Regular - 10th launch of the game
    * Feel The Burn - 30 minutes of exercise on a particular day
    * Calorie Killer - 60 minutes of exercise on a particular day

    So, where's the Discontinued part?

    There's 3 types of exercise in the Workouts that are/were unlockable only through Uplay that is now discontinued in favor of Ubisoft Connect: Toning, Legs and Sports Preparation.

    As Uplay is discontinued, there's a high chance that you can't earn or redeem the Units (Uplay points) in-game anymore. Though the rewards are still unlockable using Units in the Ubisoft Connect page:, though I cannot confirm that the in-game content will be available even when redeemed.
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Tough Love.

    This achievement requires you to save everyone before the ending.

    It will require you to amass 6.500.000 gold in the Castle Treasury. You MUST end up at OR over this value after your last judgment (Fate of Mistpeak).

    If you will decide to go through with all of the good choices, you will end up with a deficit of 2.400.000 gold, which means you have to transfer 8.900.000 gold from your own funds.

    If you will decide to go through with all of the evil choices, you will end up with 3.950.000 gold, meaning you'll have to transfer 2.550.000 gold from your personal funds.

    There are two sources of big amounts of money.
    1.000.000 gold can be earned from the Sunset House demon door for simply being the ruler of Albion.
    2.000.000 gold (and a random Legendary weapon) can be earned by opening the 50 silver key chest in the Bowerstone Castle.
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Crime Spree.

    This achievement requires you to commit enough crime to make the bounty 15,000 gold.

    This must be done before becoming the ruler of Albion, as afterwards, your crimes will not get you a bounty. (This is possible to bypass by playing LIVE Co-op. Though you will need to count your bounty manually, as bounties are counted as both players' total in Co-op.)

    The easiest way to do this is to go to one of the Bowerstone parts or to Brightwall and start killing civilians and guards.
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Popularity Contest.

    This achievement unlocks after changing your relationship with 20 NPCs to Friends.

    This must be done before becoming the ruler of Albion, as afterwards, everyone is your friend and the achievement's counter will reset to zero at every friend made, making this achievement not possible on this save anymore. (Possibly playing Co-op with someone will allow you to get this achievement in that case.)
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Set Them Free!.

    Ravenscar Keep Door:
    DO NOT open this door last. This achievement is known to be very glitchy, even after the latest Title Updates.

    Wear every piece of the prisoner outfit in front of the door.

    Prisoner Bandana: In a chest hidden in the small rock maze near the garden. To get to the garden, go down the left pathway when facing the bridge to the entrance of Ravenscar Keep.
    Prisoner Top: In a chest located in the second cell on the left in the left wing of Ravenscar Keep (requires the quest Prison Management for Beginners to be in progress or complete).
    Prisoner Shackles: In a chest which is accessed by vaulting off the rocks to the right of a hole in the wall of the garden area (the same hole which leads to the Demon Door).
    Prisoner Trousers: In a chest at the end of the cemetery (requires the quest Undeath Sentence to be in progress or complete).
    Prisoner Boots: In a chest behind the gallows over the fallen piece of fencing. To find the gallows, head in the opposite direction when facing the bridge to the entrance of Ravenscar Keep. (Tip: It's in a chest near one of the General Turner diaries.)

    Millfields Door:
    This door requires you to make yourself as ugly as possible. There's 2 parts to the door's request. One is to become as fat as the game let you (so when you look at your character's bars, the Fat bar is in the red), which you can easily do by visiting pubs and buying out as much alcohol as possible. Sometimes, the bar glitches and even though your character is the fattest it can be, it will still be in the green, but that's alright. The second part is to wear ugly clothes. The most easy ones are the Pyjamas of the opposite gender or the Chicken suit.

    Mistpeak Valley Door:
    Coop with another hero (can be done local with a second controller and a local profile), and either propose marriage, or do all the available positive interactions (which requires at least one player have the required expression chests unlocked in the Road to Rule), in front of the door.

    Brightwall Door:
    You must have a child (either by sex or by adoption) and perform a positive interaction with them in front of the door.

    Sunset House Door:
    You must simply become King/Queen.

    City of Aurora Door:
    You must have either 100% good or evil morality. Going for good is more easy, if you have money. If you've done Tough Love, it's very likely that you also chose all the good choices in your judgements. Transferring big amounts of money from your personal funds to the castle treasury is also a quick way to bump up your morality.

    Mourningwood Door:
    This door will unlock only when you have opened the fifth level chests for Ranged and/or Melee weapons in the Road to Rule.
  • SachsoniaLE
  • SachsoniaLE
  • Zyzzy75

    Zyzzy75 posted a guide for Oh Grow Up!.

    This series of games contains several "Oh Grow Up" achievements unlocked by forming a certain anagram of SPINE.
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for You Can't Bring Me Down.

    A few tips, since the description says enough about how to unlock it.

    1. You MUST NOT be in Co-Op while doing the final mission. You CAN be doing most of the missions in Co-Op though, the safest way to do that is:

    Start playing in Co-Op after complete the story's Brightwall missions (so after you complete the Dweller quest-line) and stop playing Co-Op after you become King (by that point you should be maxed out in combat gear, so you shouldn't need help anymore.).

    2. The Philip Mortley quest's (where you play out a few different theatre plays) last part is excluded from this achievement. In other words, you can be knocked out in that part and still get this achievement.
    3. From the start, accumulate Guild seals and spend them on ranking up your Weapons, Ranged and Magic skills. You WILL need it.
    4. Buy out as many potions as you can. They will help you immensely during boss fights and balverine encounters.
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Keeping It Real.

    This achievement unlocks after making a decision on the prisoners. To be able to do it, after defeating the three bosses, you have to complete all quests on Ravenscar Keep. The last one (which will net you the achievement) will make you search for 5 books spread around the location.
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Big Boss.

    This achievement will unlock after completing Ray's Mentorship. To do so, you have to finish 8 tasks given by him between dungeon runs (whenever Ray will have a blue bubble above him, it means you can get the next task), which are:

    Task one: Complete a job with 5 stars.
    The easiest way for doing this is in Joblin, sometimes you will walk into a room without enemies but with a floating 'J'. This 'J' is the job marker. Complete it by killing Joblins as fast as you can.

    Task two: Defeat 10 monsters with only your bare hands.
    As it says, kill 10 Joblins without a weapon (not even props).

    Task three: Break up the Joblin Union.
    After being assigned this task, sometimes you may spot a checkbox room. This means it's a room for one of the currently active tasks (either from Ray or any other mentor). The Joblin Union room will spawn only in the Joblin dungeon (duh) and it will contain a big number of Joblins. Kill them all to complete the task.

    Task four: Complete a floor without dodge rolling.
    Literally, just don't press the roll button on a single floor.

    Task five: Acquire 10 skills in one run.
    This should be quite easy to achieve, if you will consider the curse rooms and the shop skills. Otherwise, your best friend is getting one skill endorsed before a run and pinning it for the said run.

    Task six: Defeat the King Slime in Winkydink.
    Just like the Joblin Union, this will be in a checkmark room (on your minimap) but in Winkydink instead of Joblin.

    Task seven: Finish an end floor combat without taking damage.
    An end floor is a room with a slide to the next floor (not the boss floor, as you may have guessed). There will spawn about 5 enemies and likely you will get the Joblins either in a car or with burrito bombs, which will make a no-damage task quite hard. If you can, supply yourself in damage-increasing skills or in helpful apps.

    Task eight: Reach floor B4 with no skills.
    The B4 floor is the last and it is the boss fight floor. Unpin your skill (if you had one) and do NOT take any skills you may found during the run. On the safe side, I would also not recommend taking a curse.
  • SachsoniaLE
  • MLG Coconuts

    MLG Coconuts posted a guide for The Critic.

    Simply finish a community leave it doesn't matter if you win or lose just finish it and review it cheers guys hope it helps
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Zestfully Clean.

    The showers are on the far left side of Foxington, to the left of the WiggleMania challenge. Once you find yourself at the showers, hit one of the valves with your tail.
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Did I Do That?.

    The easiest achievement of the DLC. Once in Foxington, jump into the water.
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Foxamania.

    This is one of the last achievements you will unlock.
    The entrance to the WiggleMania challenge is on the far left of Foxington.
    Getting hit once means a restart. Do NOT try collecting any diamonds/coins that do not appear between rounds (for example, don't try to go for the diamond in the first phase of 3rd stage, it's not worth it when you can easily invalidate the run).

    There's 4 stages which will be increasingly difficult and making you go bald (I'm not joking, the hit boxes are so ridiculous that you will very likely be off put by this).

    First stage - 4 birds, each for 4 squares, when killed, they spawn 4 flowers on the corresponding squares. Kill each group first (first kill the bird, then go in the middle of the flowers and double jump before they attack. Rinse and repeat.) No environmental hazards.

    Second stage - 4 big caterpillars, three times. Once all of the caterpillars are killed, the next 4 spawn. Environmental hazard - Lava balls from random tiles.

    Third stage - 4 normal bees on set patterns, times 3. Kill all bees, the next ones spawn. Environmental hazards - Tiles turn to spikes at set patterns. Also, lasers.

    Fourth stage - Increasingly 1, 2 and 4 fast-shooting bees and 1 magma monster. First take care of the bees, because they can and likely will do you dirty. The magma monster takes 3-4 hits. Do NOT kill him by jumping as the purple sphere that comes out of it will spawn right over it and almost 100% WILL hit you if you do (Do the final hit, by hitting it with your tail.). The purple sphere will come to you for a few seconds WHILE the next phase (next enemies) begins, so you need to be REALLY careful. Environmental hazard - lasers.

    You can combine this with the achievements for completing this challenge and completing it while having the Maxi Mullet equipped, but I STRONGLY recommend that you do those two first.
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Hello World.

    Story achievement, earned at the start of the game, so unmissable.
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Speedrun.

    In one run here means:
    No quitting the game to desktop or main menu, pausing or restarting levels is fine.
    From Mansion to Ice (and the reskin of Mansion).
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Adventurer.

    This will be almost 100% your last achievement of the game. Unfortunately it is also very prone to bugging.

    I personally saw a positive change only after a system reinstallation and denying the cloud save (which no longer works anyway, since the save system has been broken by the update which removed online as well).

    When it DOES work, play until you get to the Power Plant level and in the final area instead of finishing the level, make loops on the road.

    After finishing the whole game, including the DLC maps that were incorporated into the base, I had 51%. Your mileage may vary greatly.
  • SojerManLan

    SojerManLan posted a guide for Fashion Victim.

    This achievement REQUIRES you to trade either over Xbox Live or locally, as two clothing sets are not possible to acquire in a single playthrough.

    Some of the sets will be granted to you through the story, but most of them will be in shops or in chests to be found.

    Exactly the two sets that are not LEGITIMATELY acquirable in a single playthrough are the Queen/King set and the Men/Women Masquerade set (Man Hero has to trade for the Women sets of these with a Woman Hero and likely for the other way).