A tremor in the Force

Play once as all of the different heroes (Multiplayer)

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    Updated 12-02-2015 11:31 AM
    To unlock this achievement you simply need to play one of the six heroes in multiplayer matches once. You can play the larger team battles like Supremacy or Walker Assault and pick up the hero power ups to become a hero on the battlefield just by playing matches. If you want to complete this achievement more quickly you can play the Heroes and Villains game type. This game type is a six on six hero elimination game mode. All six heroes appear in every round until eliminated. Depending on your luck you could complete this achievement in a couple of matches. Below is the list of current heroes in the game.

    Rebels - Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, & Princess Leia
    Imperial - Boba Fett, Darth Vader, & Emperor Palpatine

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