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Made by the same people responsible for Max Payne, Alan Wake is a horror game of sorts. Or at least that's what we last heard as things have been quite hush about the game since...since...well thats how long it's been. But is anyone else looking forward to it? Surely can't be a bad game.
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I saw a early teaser video that (I think) they played at E3 or somewhere like that.

It looked awesome and generally scary. Possibly the atmosphere of the game is that to rival Bioshock's.

I'm looking forward to it, despite the lack of news about it.
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The game looks very impressive but I can't get too hyped up on this game until I know exactly when it's coming out. I've seen trailers that have been around since the console came out so I can't get too excited just yet.

Check these HD trailers out: HD Trailer / HD Trailer 2
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