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Hidden in the trailer are clues as to what we can expect from the new title...or not. It is a teaser afterall.
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You play as a young noble called Ezio. This is set a few hundred years after the first so no Altair. Game Informer magazine has a huge article on this later this month.
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i already read it. basically, they've taken players' complaints about the first one and made improvements while keeping everything else intact. for instance, no more repetitive pickpocket or eavesdropping missions; there are now 16 varieties instead of 4. there are at least 9 weapons now as well, so fighting should remain fresh. overall, there are a lot of nice additions, and i can't see this game being anything but better.
I saw a vid with all that but cant remember where...anyway i'm pleased with all the additions. i dont know if it was a joke but apparently da vinci will be making gadgets for you or something.
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I certainly hope to god they put in some throwing axes. Love em.

I can imagine an AC3 being even more advanced, with muskets and all. It's a shame they didn't do it for this game, as a Musket would be pure badass.

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purely speculation on my part, but i believe the third one will have you play as Desmond. if you know the ending of the first game, you'd know something similar is likely to occur for this one, so by the third he will be prepared to take his place as an Assassin in modern times.
That sounds logical. In fact, I was expecting the second one to be modern. However, in light of the new time period, it's more likely it'll take place in the 3rd Game.

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His story will most likely be expanded upon and the exploration bits with him will be deeper so you can find out a bit more about who abducted you in the first. I didn't find them necessary though..they could have been done in cutscenes but i suppose it would have taken away a bit of the interest.
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I'm wondering if Desmond will be a bit more... active in AC2, rather that walk around at 1mph.

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well ill be getting the first one again just to refresh my memory of the events and such. annoyed that i missed the deal for it on steam.


got my hands on AC today and was quickly reminded that desmond was an assassin so that clears that up. If i remember correctly the woman miss stillman was undercover with the guys that kidnapped him. she was actually helping someone else...i presume your assassin organisation.
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