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You can now download the new Arkham Asylum demo off XBL. I think its a pretty decent game but as its so near the start of the game its hard to say if it will get any better. I'll wait for a few reviews to come out before I make up my mind. Its about 1.5GB to download.
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i've heard people were excited for this, but i haven't really given it much thought. i'm waiting for a lot of the other fall games, especially Borderlands, as i'm hoping it will be as good as it seems.
thanks for the heads up though, i'll probably try this out.
I'll check it out when I get back home. I've waited a while for the demo, pretty much since it was announced. If the demo is any good, I'll probably end up purchasing the game.
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I've been hearing great things about this game, I downloaded the demo yesterday but haven't yet gotten around to trying it out.
i know someone that has it, I wanna see the full game before i decide.
England is my city
You mean Pandy?

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