Castle Crashers Follow-Up BattleBlock Theatre to Release in Spring 2013

BattleBlock Theater

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After what seems like an age, indie developer The Behemoth has finally revealed a release window for its next game, BattleBlock Theatre.

It’s out in Spring 2013.

Founded by John Baez and Dan Paladin in 2003, The Behemoth hit big with Castle Crashers in 2008. The co-op XBLA brawler remains one of the digital distribution platform’s most successful titles.

However, the studio’s follow-up title has been quiet for some time now, a silence only broken today with the announcement of the game’s release window and this new trailer.

BattleBlock Theatre is a XBLA-exclusive competitive/co-operative platformer boasting The Behemoth’s distinctive, colourful art style. We’ve got the achievement list, if you’re interested.


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