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this 1 is gonna be a blast
get-r-done payback is a mother
I sure hope so.. I have been a huge Battlefield fan.. only thing that pisses me off is that you pay $60 for the game and have to pay an extra $50 for premium... but about a yr after its release they come out with a premium version for about $40 including the game... looks like they would do something for the true Battlefield fans who get the game within the first week it comes out..
yah that primium thing is a bit overkill but its the only game that u can rent servers in n not have to play with screeching kids that wanna kill everything lol
With all the hype for this latest BF game I do hope it lives up too all the expectations that has been said about it, hoping to pick my copy up later to-day or tomorrow, see you on the battlefield fellow GTNers'


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Just too let all fellow GTNers' know that I just got a copy off BF4 and will be renting a server out (xbox 360) for any fellow member whom wishes too join a session without screaming kiddies and getting kicked from for taking the owners doggie tags from them, will keep you posted as to when it's "up-and-running"
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