Battlefield 4: Final Stand Expansion Gets Fresh Details and New Screens

Battlefield 4

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Battlefield 4's appropriately named Final Stand (it's the last one) is almost upon us, which means it's time for a few details on what the expansion will be bringing to DICE's FPS. As well as several all-new, cold and wintry maps, the pack adds new hi-tech gear, gadgets and other stuff.

There's the "Siberian cold" of the Operation Whiteout map, a submarine base to explore in the "mountainous" Hammerhead map, and military secrets from a futuristic battlefield awaiting in Hangar 21. In the Giants of Karella map, there's a high-tech weapons factory surrounded by rural areas.

As for the new gear and gadgets, there's the new HT-95 Levkov to pilot, with its ability to move sideways by strafing; and the new sharpshooting Rorsch MK-1. The flying XD-1, meanwhile, is described as "another explosive Battle Pickup that will give you the upper hand on the Battlefield".

You can attach the new Target Detector to DMRs and Carbines to auto-spot enemues, and the DS-3 Decoy emits false blips to enemies on their mini-maps, making them think there are bogies to shoot nearby, when there ain't. Sounds like fun stuff.

Battlefield 4: Final Stand is expected to arrive very soon. An exact date has yet to be announced...


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