Why rappers should not review games


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Gametrailers.com - Soulja Boy - Braid Review by bbazemore1

well i call him a rapper but "atrocity to music everywhere" is much more suitable. If you find a rewind mechainic that amusing then well done. you are now 8 years old.
England is my city
"He looks like Mario from the future" has to be the greatest quote in gaming review history. Wait, this is Soulja Boy? Again he continues to waste my time as evidenced by this video: (which convinced me that this kid is an idiot)

YouTube - Soulja Boy Tellem - YAHHH - OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO
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the vid wont work - got a link?
England is my city
Try the link above. Not sure why that didn't play in the embedded YouTube video.
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its amazing that people look up to guys like this.
England is my city
I suppose everyone needs to watch some idiot to make themselves feel better.

There's nothing like seeing you're not the biggest fool on the planet... real morality boost for those "Gangsta bois" out there, I presume...

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