Brink-love it or hate it?


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Hey friends, hope ur all doing well, just wondered what your thoughts are of Brink if you have played it, i got it last weekend as it was going cheap, when i 1st played it i thought it was crap but i decided to give it a chance and so i carried on playing it and now i dont think its that bad , get my ass kicked all the time but that just cuz im a terrible player.
The gameplay itself is fun, but Splash Damgage's execution was pretty poor. I got it new, but I sold it after wrapping everything up because it really felt like an unfinished game. Poor netcode, no variety of modes, and bad decisions in terms of multiplayer just made it difficult to keep around. Customization is great, but you hardly see it in games, and the Standard game mode doesn't even support chat, not to mention no lobbies to speak of. I was really hoping for more because I like the game itself.
I havent really played it enough to get to know the good and bad points as yet, was going to play some tonight but the tv got the better of me!, i know the graphics are not eye catching but that sort of thing doesnt bother me, i havent tried it on multiplayer yet, thought i should get to grips with the game 1st.
That's just it, online is identical to single player. The only difference is that some humans take up spots while Hard bots fill out the rest. No reason not to play online immediately.

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