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What's your favorite class in Call of Duty 4? Feel free to post multiple classes as well, if you find one works better in a different game type. Here's my general favorite class :

Core Class
Colt M1911 / USP .45
Stun Grenade

Stopping Power
Steady Aim

Hardcore Class
G3 / M14 (silenced)
M9 (silenced)
Stun Grenade

Bandolier / Bomb Squad
UAV Jammer
Extreme Conditioning

So, what are your favorite custom classes?
i generally play TDM, Domination, and Headquarters with other types popping up randomly, but i generally stick with three main classes depending on the map.
my main is probably m16 with extreme conditioning, stopping power, and bandolier. other maps i'll use the 50 cal with stopping power, iron lung, and claymores. if necessary, i switch to a stealth class. i used to use the silenced mp5 for it, but i'm really liking the ak-74 now.
for pistol, i usually always use a silenced usp. i can usually kill anyone with it until i run out of ammo.
Back when it first came out and I played loads I made multple classes

M4 with Acog

Op For:
AK 47 with Acog
Gold Deagle

MP5 or G36C with silencer
USP silenced

AK74 with silencer
M1911 silenced

M16 with Red Dot
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The Deagle is my fave side, and the SOPMOD was may fave main in general. The MP5 was good too. Never MPed COD4 myself.

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then get on to steam and download it!
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forget that, play the 360 version. i'll play with you if you're decent.
he doesnt have his 360 anymore...hence steam. otherwise XBL is the way to go.
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I would, OT. But I haven't played COD4 in ages, and I was never epic at it.

I'm getting through LFD on Steam now. Trying the harder difficulties. Mental fun.

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Speaking of which L4D 2 looks like fun. Even though IMO this could have been free DLC for 1 but Valve decided to cash in on it like Bungie did with ODST. Just wish theyd hurry up with a new HL/Portal/CS.
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I got the orange box and hl2.exe keeps screwing up to the point that only portal will work.

LFD i sickeningly good on my PC. Graphics are excellent, is slightly Timesplitters (but 18 rated) at times.

Also a Final Fantasy Republic Global Moderator is L4D like Timesplitters?
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No, I mean the Graphics have a lightly cell shaded appearance. Well, L4D is probably more like Hitman than Timesplitters now that I think about it.

It has that mature comic book look to it.

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anyways, to get this back on topic. I've started using LMGs for fun. The M249 is my choice. I dont get many kills but its great for storming buildings and sweeping enemies online, the deep penertration (giggitty) perk goes well with it too.
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You mean penetration, right?

Have you found the fourth hole? :P

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yeah i had a doctor look at that.
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