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Link to the first trailer above. GT normally does an analysis of these so I'll post that too if one comes up. So what do you think? Obviously these trailers are staged, eg, he runs past an enemy at one point just before he throws a grenade. So we aren't getting a real picture, but in my opinion it looks slightly more raw than MW2, some of the colour has been drained, or so it would seem. There are obviously new weapons to play with such as that remote controlled car and more noticeably, that camera at the start. A good thing? I dunno. Hopefully there's a perk or a piece of equipment that can mess with it. The guns, as usual look good, the crossbow hopefully will not be the next tube. Although I' thinking up a fun recon class with that and those things that look to shoot darts in people's backs. Assuming I can use both. Which brings me knife??? Did they not choose to show it or has it been altered? If you watch the very end you'll see that replay saves are possible. How much I'm not sure, Hopefully we'll find out more on September 1st.

Edit - Those aren't darts, they are ballistic knives. Ammo limit seems to be two, but still can't tell if this replaces the knife or not.

- The player that he runs by may be friendly.

- Camo for guns still included.

- A rocket launches in the game, just scenery or does it do something?

- Can't see the xp bar anywhere...
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Probably disabled the levelling for the Beta...

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But people in-game are different levels. And why would you disable the xp in a beta? the whole point is to test the game and you can't really do that by disabling things.
England is my city
I dunno. But the crossbow is a sweet addition

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