which Black Ops set-up?

Call of Duty: Black Ops

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I am just wondering the kinds of setups you guys would have with these weapons, all confirmed (supposedly a few secret ones as well)


I personally will be using AUG, crossbow, semtex, nova gas, and either the camera spike or the motion sensor (all of them for a main class)

Perks: We'll see which are better to me...

Killstreaks: 3=RC-XD, 5=Care Package, 6/7=Mortar Team or Attack Helicopter (killstreaks mainly depend on how good I end up being at the game, but these are the ones I want to use)
i'm a little disappointed that there is no perk equivalent to Sitrep Pro, as i was one of the few people to have that one. i'm already highly aware in these games, but the added sound bonus made it even easier.
hacker is the equivalent to sitrep... or... wait what? all you need is Turtle Beachs.... F**k ninja.... just use Turtle Beachs and you hear 'em.
i'm not a fan of those, although i would like to upgrade my sound system.
also, it's not that i couldn't hear them, it's that i could hear so well i could even warn teammates exactly where enemies were headed. i always had the drop on people.
anyway, i'm interested to see how all of this balances out in the actual game.
I have to say, from the multiplayer preview they had on Xbox Live, it looks like Treyarch has done a fantastic job at balancing out the game more so than Infinity Ward was ever able to.

Honestly, I never thought I'd ever say this but, I'm actually looking forward to a new Call of Duty game!
yeah TA has already done balancing out... and got rid of most (if not all) of the issues found during the beta, and I know that b/c I know someone who was snuck into the beta... he loves it and denouces MOH and Reach like crazy... it's basically the customization of halo with the vehicles of BC/TA CoD games, unlocks are whenever you want them unlocked... a good sp where the main character (the one you play) actually talks (seems to work out well [E3 Demo video), and zero of the known crappy MW2 stuff

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