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At first I was really excited for the game. The first one took a few levels to get going but after a while I found it really enjoyable. Not GOTY but a really great experience overall. MP is still addictive to this day. However MW2 seems to be turning me away.

An increase in price, and a steep one.

Prices for Limited Editions - the first one was only £40-£45 but £70 for a steelbook? At least the Halo Legendary had something special about the MC helmet

Dual pistols - I'm sorry but I thought this was Call of Duty MODERN Warfare, not Call of Duty MAX PAYNE Warfare. Especially when Dual Deagles are thrown in. The first game wasn't hardcore realistic but it was enough to satisfy me. This just seems a bit...gimicky I suppose. And just because Halo/Goldeneye did it doesn't really mean that you must do it.

Masterkey Shotguns - Just a rumour I saw today on IGN but I hope its not true.

The pure milking of the franchise. Game pads for 360 and PS3, Mouse, keyboards and mouse mats for PC, 360 faceplates, bluetooth mics, throat mics and....Night vision goggles???

Don't get me wrong, I want to see how the GAME turns out and I want to continue the story and play some new MP maps, but seriosuly I think Halo 3's hype is being eclipsed by all this.
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i believe masterkeys have been confirmed. other than that, there is really nothing so far that seems to bring down the game itself at all. it's not as if the price for the original has gone up at all, and i'm sure the gameplay is as balanced as ever.
i was wondering about the heartbeat sensor attachment though, personally. it seems a little unfair, but considering you can't see it while zoomed or sprinting and you have to wait for it to refresh every few seconds, it probably won't be so bad.
AP Sensor sounds like something they would use. And it'll not be that useful on a battlefield, as not everyone in front of you is an enemy, and not everyone in behind you is a friend.

And Masterkey won't necessarily be that bad.

I fully agree with Billy about dual Deagles, though. What a gimmick. But I suppose an option should be available, at the expense of accuracy. Then it'll at least have SOME realism.

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Well with dual weild you cant look down the sights. The reason the masterkey is bad is because at close range its an instant kill (assuming thats how it would work). its not so bad with normal shotguns as they only work in that situation but having one on the bottom of your assault rifle seems a bit easy. In the first MW there was a perk that let you carry two primary weapons but with that theres the time it takes to swap so you could be dead before you had your chance. But if all I have to do is press a d pad button (like switching to a launcher) theres hardly any time wasted.
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the masterkey would be no worse than the grenade launcher, which is why i'm not really concerned. at best, it's to help someone using burst guns like m16 or g3 to kill a person that gets up in their face. however, i'm sure ammo is as limited as the noob tube. 3 or 4 shots, i imagine.
If they do limit the Masterkey as well as the Deagle's accuracy and reload speed, then I'm happy.

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i'm sure dual pistols will be almost as much of a joke as they are in Counterstrike. for fun, not serious play.
I know, but in the end, if you're in war and you have a deagle, you may grab another, so it IS realistic. As long as they make the reload realistic and gritty it'll have my support. It takes a lot longer to reload and stuff like that...

I'm all for dual pistols, but the only game that has actually made reloading dual pistols realistically slower than one is Hitman.

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It just doesnt sound right for the game though. Call of Juarez, fair enough, its a western. But IW are just doing it because they might draw in a few Halo fans. Or thats what it sems like to me. Another reason is that the pistol fires as fast as you can pull the trigger, add deagles to that and itll be the new noob combo.


New MP video
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that looks absolutely amazing. i love how they do something funny with a new item at the end of each video.
Throwing knives? Awesome!
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