SYN Immortals are Recruiting 16+

Clan Recruitment

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Are you looking to join a clan with active forums and tournament? If so Xiled Gaming is a great place for you! Xiled gaming is a community of many clans put together KoG,SYN,XGC,XGG, And last of all XDC.
Xiled gaming is the biggest gaming community with over 50,000 Registered members!

What does Xiled gaming Offer?

Here in Xiled Gaming we offer extremly active forums and many members to game with that are all very mature! All clans that you are able to join do have age limits but for SYN Immortals you must be 16 or older to be apart of our clan, but there is other ones that do allow you to join if your younger (KoG).
Xiled gaming hold gamenights,tournaments and clan tournaments that other clans from outside of the community can join in for many great prizes that you can win!

How Competitive are we?

Xiled Gaming does have its competitive gamers and for that there are clans within Xiled Gaming that you can join that are Competitive and that have MLG Teams and Fragged Nation Teams,
even though we are competitive doesn't mean we don't respect the other team that we are against, so after most games we do say good game most the time even if we lose or if the are yelling at us so joining xiled gaming is a good thing and its a safe community here where everyone is a big family and everyone gets along.

What GameModes do we play?

Xiled gaming has a alot of core gamers but if you are one of those gamers that do hate getting Sh*t markers then there is a Hardcore clan that you may join that is ran the same way as the other clan but instead of playing core you will play Hardcore most of the time, So enjoy and Join Xiled Gaming today!


If you decided to join Please use ReKz DuB5teP as your Referrer, Thank you and have a nice day!
XDC Ixias XS has made some military signatures for everyone to use!

If you are a member of a branch of the military, then you are welcome to use any of these banners. We salute you, thank you for your service!
Hey Dub5tep, you should create a Leaderboard for your clan and get them to join it so you can see where everyone stacks up against one another. its always fun to challenge one another to see who can be #1 on a leaderboard, especially when achievements are the case Smile

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