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Hey there!

I'm the Founder of Mentally Insane Gaming (MIG) and we are currently recruiting for some people who want to be apart of a friendly, competitive, stable community. We accept new members and would love to meet you! The minimum age is 15 and have a microphone.You can manage to keep up to date with the community using our website a few times a week (Our site isn't required, but displays all our info including people to game with). We mainly play COD BO2, BF3 (soon to be BF4).

Here are somethings that MIG has to offer:
Mature Gamers
Events Staff
Competitive Staff
Design Team
Multimedia Team
Recruitment Staff
Fantastic Leadership
Open Leadership Opportunities
Game Nights and Tournaments

MIG supports the following games:
Call of Duty Black Ops 2
BattleField 3 & (BF4)

At MIG we have rank structures and Battalions.
Register here Upon creating your account please use you gamer tag as your gamer tag. Create a thread in the 'Introduce Yourself' in our forums and introduce yourself and what games you play so we can all meet you and add you on xbox!

Hope to hear from you soon.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to send me a message.

Thank You,

- Founder of MIG
Hello, im sorry i didnt sign up on the sight and all that but iv done so much of it and never get much of a reply. im 16 M and have Xbox Live with a working mic. I play Black Ops 2 and have a overall 1.51 KD and a 1.72 KD on team death match and would like a good clan to be a apart of. Please write back ASAP if your interested, thank you
Hey man, well we take all types of gamers, so if you are interested I can give you a name to contact and they can set you up. Our Call of Duty B.O.2 Battalion is our biggest group, and if you want to join just message ScamArtist01 and she will set you up. She is one of my Majors that run a company there.If you still want to talk before joining that is fine too. I'll be on this site a little bit more.

Hey Anthrax, you should setup a Leaderboard for your clan and get your clan members to join. It is always fun to see where you stack up against others in your clan! Smile
I will be sure to try and get them on. thanks for the idea bro!
MIG is still recruiting for players 15+, and gamers that play BF3 & COD BO 2. Join Today!

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