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Ultima Lux is a brand new COD clan and is now recruiting new members for Black Ops 2 on XBOX 360. To join Ultima Lux you must be at least 16 years old. Once you register and apply you will then be placed into an eval period. During this time you will play with some of our very best here at Ultima Lux.
We are a close family and we look more for dedication and loyalty rather than K/D ratios. We love to win but its all about having fun!
- Age Limit: 16+
- Continent: Will take players from all over the world
- Times we play: Someone is usually always on
- Microphone: Is required to join,Communication is Key
- Stat Requirements: None we want team players
- Preferred Game Mode: Any
- Who to contact: iDaGGeRMouTH or xHYPNOSiiS on XBL
- Clan Website: www.ultimaluxgaming.forumotion.com
- GB/MLG Forming
- Great advancement opportunities
Any questions please PM or visit the site
Hope to see you there! And also keep in mind we are a very new clan that looks to grow and be bigger.
We have merged with a PS3 clan and have become multi-platform with that our new site is www.kmsclan.com

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