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Clan Details

Clan Name: Reversal Gaming
Clan Tag: RG
Founded and started by: klllerford in 2008 (Reformed in 2013)
Community Forum: Reversal Gaming
Clan Motto: Bringing Gaming To Life

Reversal Gaming
Use to run a clan called The Unstoppable Army but due to lack of activity regarding members we've moved forum software and we are starting from scratch. Our new name is Reversal Gaming and we are looking for active and dedicated members. Our community forum is a massive part of our clan because we have gaming news and general discussions on our forum, a place to welcome and to know your team mates, great way to organize casual and competitive games and friendlies. And it's also a great place to understand your team mates gaming, tactics and how we all play together. Making gaming more entertaining and more enjoyable.

We are a laid back community but we also aim to win all games that we play. We are looking for mature gamers that want to play casual and have a laugh but also aim to win at the same time. We also provide platoons for competitive games. We organize clan friendlies and will also provide a clan league for other clans to get involved in. We are moving onto the next generation consoles. We currently play Battlefield 4 on xbox 360 and xbox one. And also call of duty: ghost on xbox one. When PS4 launch this friday we will be moving onto the PlayStation 4 as well.

How to apply

Please register onto our forum at When registered you can either be apart of our community by just being a random gamer coming onto our community posting and getting involved in our tournaments and general and gaming discussions. Or post a new thread in our members intel section to get involved and be apart of our reversal gaming crew.

Requirements | Rules

You must view and post on the forums at least three times a week.
You must submit a correct and successful application for the game your wanting to apply for.
Must be active and attend the game nights to complete your trial successfully.
Must be 14 years old or older. Younger gamers must prove that their mature enough.
When accepted into the clan your clan tag must be RG
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Team Tactical is our first competitive platoon and we are looking for competitive and casual gamers.

Reversal Gaming is looking for active and dedicated members that's currently playing Battlefield 3. We are looking to build a strong side up ready for the massive boost for when the next gen consoles come out. We will be expanding on both XBOX One and the PS4 while also still recruiting and supporting the 360. When GTA is released we will be supporting GTA Online and starting up a crew. If your interested in getting involved please register onto our forum at and start getting involved! We are also looking for members to take up some staff positions within the clan. Get involved and apply today!

Reversal Gaming has brand new exclusive new themes for our community forums for all of our members to use. New features and helps all of our new members to register, take part in our community and to keep updated with all the latest news. Reversal Gaming is looking for active and dedicated members that are mature but like to have a laugh while gaming but aim to win at the same time. We are currently recruiting for Battlefield 3 and we will be starting crews for GTA Online when released. We are reforming ready for the next generation consoles as we will be expanding on day release.

We ask for all members to be active and posting on our community forums at least three times a week if they wish to take part in our community events, Competitive games, leagues, ladders and loads more. We are looking for casual and competitive gamers. Interested? Please register onto our community forums that's completely free! at When you have registered to our community forums please submit your application in our applications section and then welcome yourself to our community forums, thanks!
We have moved across onto the next generation consoles. Currently playing Battlefield 4 and Call of duty: Ghost on the xbox one and coming this Friday we will be also expanding onto the PlayStation 4. We will be hosting events, tournaments, leagues and ladders along with getting other clans involved in our tournaments and competitions.
We are looking for active and loyal members for the XB1 and PS4. We are looking to build up small squads for all support games and to have daily gaming nights for each. Also providing entertainment on the forums, private matches in games and also events and tournaments.

Register on our community forums at and when you register please submit a thread in our members intel section.

Reversal Gaming is a fresh new gaming community that's currently aiming to build a mature gaming squad for Battlefield 4. We are currently only recruiting xbox one players. We are looking for mature, active and dedicated members that are interested in joining a fresh new community to build up a friendly gaming community. We will support all of the upcoming titles along with using our free nights to party up on other games besides Battlefield 4.

Mature gamers are what we are looking for that's going to stick around, stay active and game with us on a daily basis. We currently have two set gaming nights which soon be three and the other days will be used to set up party nights for other games that we all own.

Are you interested in joining? register at and start off by welcoming yourself to our community and then go ahead and post your application to get you started.

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