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United Gamers Society [UGS] is a new community that has had a multi console launch [PC, PS3, XB1, X360 (PS4 soon)] on current and next gen console's. Me and 3 others [UGS FaTaL, UGS Shadows(Me), UGS Frost, UGS Vanquish] started up UGS after leaving a few other communities because we "didn’t feel at home" with them. Our aim is to provide a family feel for all console user's in a safe online environment.
Feature's of UGS
Full Navy style ranking structure
Multiple teams [Work in Progress - Requires Members]
Different divisions for different consoles
Competitions [Coming Soon]
Major League Gaming Team's [Coming Soon]
Original signature design's/Wallpapers by the Design Team.etc.
We have an age rating of 14+ due to mature content that may be posted by members, we DO NOT consent to racism, sexism or any other form of abuse that can be interpreted wrongly.
If you are interested in joining, visit:http://ugs.icyboards.net/index.php and when asked who referred you; type UGS Shadows If you have any questions contact me on Skype (BurningShadows6) or contact me over xbox live or on the site.
We are still recruiting and are looking for people with leadership.

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