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As many of us know, the apps that are tied to the Viacom cable channels, like MTV, don't support a bunch of cable companies. Among the ones not supported are Comcast / Xfinity, and I believe Dish.

It is my hope that somebody here would be willing to either share their supported cable log in, or just activate the App with then activation link/code provided to us by the app(s) so that they don't have to provide/share their login info.

This would allow me (and anybody else you're willing to assist) get: (Access Granted in Comedy Central) (Unlocked and Loaded in MTV) (Unlocked and Loaded in VH1)

Which will allow us to complete these apps.

Thanks for looking here and a bigger thanks for anybody that is willing to do this.

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This is a HUGE no-no. You should NEVER share your login and password with anyone, especially strangers on the Internet in a public forum. Closing thread.
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