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Hi everyone on GTN. Here we have the first ever MotM interview featuring this months Achievement Competition Winner.

Name: Ikmyer

What do you do for a living?
I provide IT support for a major Telecom / Wireless company

What's your favorite feature on GTN?
I like to see the completion rates of games and the difficult rating of achievements.

Would you class yourself as a casual or professional gamer?
If it has to be defined on one end or the other I would have to go with casual. I never compete in tournaments or anything of that nature but if you go based off of time played I may be somewhere in the middle. I usually only have time to play on the weekends lately with having a wife and 2 kids.

What's your favorite game genre?
I like to play Sandbox games and Shooters. When I look back at the games I have played the top 2 most played are Halo 3 and Crackdown (those dam Orbs, I still have not found all of them!!).

Are you looking forward to any new releases?
Right now the only game I have pre-ordered is Grand Theft Auto V though I am looking forward to a few of the new titles for the Xbox One (Watch Dogs, Destiny, Quantum Break)

Are you going to defend you achievement competition title next month?
For Sure! We will have to try and get a few more people to join next time around.

What would you tell people about GTN if you were trying to get them to join?
I would tell them about the Game information that can be found and how interactive the site can be related to the stuff you like. I would tell them The Founder and Staff are very active and respond to questions and site request which is rare these days, to actually have interaction on the site with those that can do design and site enhancements.

Is there anything you would like added to the site?
I can't think anything right now. I usually post in the forums when I have new ideas which get quick responses.

Thank you Ikmyer for taking part anf you shall have your badge shortly.
If anyone else would like to take part in the MotM interview then join next months Achievement Competition and see if you can beat lasts months champion.
GTN Xbox One 30 Day Launch competition SIGN UP & LEADERBOARD

Achievement Competition SIGN UP& LEADERBOARD

Monthly Challenge CHALLENGE SIGN UP

Congrats on the Member of the Month nod, ikmyer. Great interview!
Thanks! Looking forward to the next round!
Congrats on MoTM! This is an awesome idea btw! Smile

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