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Hi everyone. It's that time of month again where we interview one of our members for you all to get to know. This month I will be interviewing the winner of our poll, Dark Lord White

Brandon White

Me: What do you do for a living?

DLW: I am a program manager in a logistics warehouse where we store other company's product and ship it directly to consumers or to other businesses.

Me: What's your favorite feature on GTN?

DLW: Badges of course!

Me: Would you class yourself as a casual, recreational or professional gamer?

DLW: A few years ago I would have said professional. After a few kids and now running a shuttle practices and school, and Dr. appts. I find time to game when I find time.

Me: What's your favorite game genre?

DLW: I have a weakness for RPGs; however I rarely get to complete them.

Me: Are you looking forward to any new releases?

DLW: Am I looking forward to new releases? Well for the 360 I was waiting on Payday 2 and Diablo 3. Now that those have come out I am anxiously awaiting my Xbox One Day One Edition to come to my doorstep along side of Forza 5. I also just preordered Final Fantasy XV, ELder Scrolls Online, Destiny and Halo.

Me: As the newest member of staff what is your role?

DLW: I took on the role of Community Manager. So far this entails of setting up and hosting Community Events. We have had one event thus far in which I had a blast. I also suggested the Xbox One Competition that GTN will be hosting during the first month release of the Xbox One. I also have a few more ideas. Also after this MotM interview I will take over these interviews.

Me: What would you tell people about GTN if you were trying to get them to join?

DLW: Well now most all of my friends are on the site now so I would say mission accomplished. Smile what I did was mention the Xbox One competition and the cool badges that Eric has on the site. (most addicting)

Me: Is there anything you would like added to the site?

DLW: I would like to see the Competitions have an internal stat tracker/leaderboard that way that process would run more smoothly.

As DLW has mentioned this will be the last MotM interview conducted by myself but have no fear as DLW is taking over and I'm more than happy to leave it in his capable hands.

If you would like to be interviewed for next month then volunteer for the next poll over at
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Awesome, didn't know u did a member spotlight
I feel like I can relate a little more to Dark now. Congrats on being MotM!
I love reading these things - I've known DLW for a few years, been on my FL for about that same period, but never knew the personal details (like his real name for example) that make him so idiosyncratically him! I can't for my turn, when it rolls around. Big Grin
Voting is up for the next MotM interview now so don't forget to vote. Also if you didn't get to sign up before this poll started you can still sign up now ready for the next one.
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Thank you everyone. It was interesting being able to give a synopsis of myself.
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Congrats on winning Member of the Month, DLW! Keep up the great work. Smile
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