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has anyone else tried this yet?
it's a timed demo, which is a bit disappointing, but like the demo for the first Crackdown, you gain levels in each of your abilities very quickly to get an idea of how strong you can be. you're given a good chunk of one area to play around in, and you can choose to do missions, collects orbs, or just destroy things, just like you would in the actual game. it's also co-op, which is more important this time around.

the coolest feature to me is the ability to unlock achievements early so that they automatically unlock once you have the full game. it only lets you earn 100 gamerscore, but i think it's a great idea to help hook people that play demos.
i'll be messing around with it a bit more the next few days, so i'll have more thoughts to share later.
I've never seen the Crackdown series. It is like prototype, only with destructible scenery?

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same idea, really. the second one is a lot like prototype now that it has infected, but there's a bit more to do, especially once you factor in multiplayer.
Might DL and give it a go. But i'll admit I never liked the first one.
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