Ubisoft reveals details about the contents of the Season Pass of The Crew

The Crew

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Ubisoft detailed via his blog what will the Season Pass for the new racing game, The Crew . As the main bonus players who buy the Season Pass will get the two McLaren 12 c cars and Ferrari 458 special, obtained from 2 December next, the launch date of the game.

The content in question will give early access to four future DLC packages and will contain a total of 12 new cars, 23 kits for customizing and tuning, as well as a number of liveries bonuses, special challenges to obtain additional experience and stickers (or " stickers ") for your cars.

Any offer will be proposed to 24.99 dollars, thus saving on separate purchase of individual add-on, which otherwise would cost $ 7.99 each.

To follow a poster of the Season Pass, more precise details about the content.
  • Extreme Car Pack, high-performance vehicles, available in January 2015.
  • Speed Car Pack, sports car intended to achieve maximum speed, available in February 2015.
  • Vintage Car Pack, American motoring icons, available in March 2015.
  • Raid Car Pack vehicles suitable to all types of terrain, available in April 2015.

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