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Crysis 2

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So Crysis 2 will be released here in North America on the 22nd of March. I have a channel on youtube where I post gameplay videos and stuff so I will be doing this one. I have never owned a computer where I could get the neccesary graphics needed to play games like Crysis, So this new release on the 360 will be awesome. I read on wiki there was a leaked version made available on torrent sites a while back, I never played it, But what the hell, That was some serious ballsy moves by whoever did that, You know? What are you looking forward to in this upcoming release?
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i didn't play the first one either, and i'm not particularly interested in this one. however, i haven't really been following it, so maybe i'd enjoy it if i could try a demo or something.
The first game looked so good, that Simon and I called it "Orgasmic Mode" when the graphics were high. You needed a Space Oddyssey Monolith to power it. Or Simon's Huge ass Alienware.

The game play was good but flawed and the enemies were bulletsponges. If they really wanted it to be perfect, they should have made the gun mechanics perfect, etc. But hey, nothings perfect.

I managed to live without the first one, and if the second one is any good I might just torrent a demo, then see.

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Never really played the first one but the second one is great so far.

The online demo for the xbox was good and the leaked version on the pc is pretty good(From what ive played anyway.Can't play it too well my pc ain't amazing).

Just need to wait untill it comes out on the Xbox.
I'm not really a fan of Crysis, it's actually quite boring. It's the graphics and the modding community that really makes this game something special and worth buying.

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