Thoughts of crysis 2 ???

Crysis 2

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Hey Gamertag Nation,

Was just wondering what you all think of crysis 2 ????, I know it has been out a while now but i decided to get it at the weekend cuz it sound wicked from the reviews i read and from the youtube vids.

Now dont get me wrong i think its a good game so far but i do think its a little over rated,

All the reviews just went on about how great it looked,yeah it does look good but i have seen better from other 360 games,

Gameplay im finding good fun so far,only downside is i think is that the suit your in babbles on way to much and can get annoying at times,

Anyway these are just my points so far, i have not posted this thread to start any arguments at all and so if i have offended anyone then im truly sorry, just like to read over people views.
Honestly, I wasn't ever too interested in the first one, so the sequel holds even less appeal to me. Based on what I've heard, though, it makes for a good rental. Probably not worth a buy with the other games that are out/coming out soon, however.

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