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Hey Everyone, hope ur all well, has anybody played a demo of Dead Island yet?, If you have what is it like?, the UK version of OXM have played the demo and are mocking it fairly bad!, was looking forward to it.
I watched a few trailers for this game a while back and it looked pretty cool. Havn't seen any of the game play yet. Will probably wait for a demo or some video of the game play before I buy it. I have 5 games pre-ordered already through november.
It's the next game I'm looking forward to playing with my co-op friends. Early previews have been promising, but I may wait for reviews so I know how good it will be in the long-run. After all, we want to put in a lot of hours without getting tired of it.
I have wanted to play this game ever since I saw the trailer. Is there a demo even out?

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