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I just posted 36 Japanese import games on eBay - If you have a NTSC-J console and want easy points, there are 13 visual novels, NBA 2k8, A-Train. Other stuff like Vampire Rain is a very quick 600 points. If on the other hand you actually LIKE import games, I have lots of the early titles that are harder to find like Conveni 200x, both versions of Enchant Arm, Zoids, etc. All auctions are starting at just $0.99 and I have no reserves on any of them so you might just pick them up for that!
I wish I had a Jap Console...
Originally Posted by porschephiliac
Me too, Porshe! Me too.
I as well am wanting one.
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Well, I asked first, damn it! *jk*

I don't have the cash flow right now, but soon. I hope... Frown

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