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Xbox Live Gold members can play Forza Motorsport 6 for free this whole entire weekend.

Starting August 25th and running until Sunday August 28th, Gold members can download and play Forza 6 for free.

You can search for (and download) the game through the Xbox Store and play to your heart's content until the free play is disabled at 11:59 PM PDT.

If you don't own the game, you can simply uninstall it when you're done. You'll be able to get Achievements whilst you're playing, too.

Source: XBA
This one probably isn't for me as very disappointed in Forza 5.
I agree with you that Forza 5 was a disappointment, but Foza 6 is way better, hell one of the carpacks has a fracking Race Truck that you can drive with, and now they even have Nascars and pit stops. All in all, Forza 6 is huge improvement over forza 5
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