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Looking for 1 (maybe 2) people who want to join up for a regular Friday night raiding/activity session once Forsaken content drops. Moderate amount of skill/gear preferred, but it is more important to be chill and playing for fun. We're going to fail (a lot at first) and that needs to not be a point of frustration for you. Sometimes we may not even complete the activity (until we git gud).

Planned start time would be around 6-7 pm Pacific (9-10 Eastern) and last 3-4 hours. You need to be available to show up most every Friday, sometimes real life things take us away, but we try to communicate those in advance so the group isn't waiting around or is able to find a replacement. Mic required, English speakers please, and it's cool if you like to stay quiet, some of us barely talk at all except to communicate necessities. We may also run on Saturday nights as well depending on interest and success rates.

Character/class doesn't really matter. Most of us run all three so we can fill support Titan fanboys with whatever is needed. We'll usually run other stuff during the weekdays to keep progressing toward max light.

Post your interest or questions in this thread.
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Originally Posted by B8TINGU
If you buy me Destiny 2, and move it to Monday night, I would be your partner...
Destiny 2 is Awesome
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