Xbox 360 Destiny Beta to hit July 23rd

Destiny (Xbox 360)

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Finally Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners will get the chance to experience Destiny, the new MMO from Halo creators Bungie. Seemingly forgetting that the Xbox effectively made them who they are today, Bungie has eventually released details on the upcoming beta for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 that fans have been made to wait an excruciatingly long time for. The beta will be available from the 23rd until the 27th of July for any one with a beta access key.
not to be bothered bout anything bungie where is the new fallout
get-r-done payback is a mother
07-08-2014 04:00 PM StaffPremium
They're just having a bought of establishing their independence...
I personally never thought Bungie was that good. Marathon? @$#%& please! And yeah, they did some really smart things with Halo, but overall it was never technically impressive and just had some piss poor level design. I like 343 much better and I did end up liking Halo, but I think Bungie is going to fail miserably without MS spending so much marketing them. Be careful what you ask for Bungie. Halo games will be better w/out you and your new games are not what people want.
Awesome :-)

Over 4.6 Million Participated In The Destiny Beta -
was a kool beta i might get this
get-r-done payback is a mother
was a kool beta i might get this
Originally Posted by chunky meconium
After my son played the beta, this has been the first and only game he's asked me for on the One.

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