"No Major Changes" Planned for Destiny Following the Beta


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Destiny won't receive any "major changes" according to Activision CEO, Eric Hirshberg, thanks to immensely positive feedback gleaned from the recent beta. Hirshberg noted the success of the Destiny beta during Activision's financial conference call, held yesterday.
Shame they had didn't have any raid content in the beta.

They would have had negative feedback about those not having any matchmaking.
As long as it doesn't break XBL again when it comes out. All of the problems going on right now seemed to start at the same time as the beta. Coincidence? Maybe...
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I personally, found the beta awesome, stamped about 30hrs into it. I thing the changes will come after a while. When the mp-player comlain too much about something.

I thing the XBL blackouts coming from the X1 servers. There's almost always something wrong with XBL for the X1, just before or shortly after an update.
Thats what I noticed about that.

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