Destiny Now Available For Pre-Load on Xbox One


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Today you can pre-order and pre-load Destiny for Xbox One, via the Xbox Games Store.

You can choose from either the standard Destiny Pre-Order Edition or the Destiny Digital Guardian Edition, which includes access to the Vanguard Armory and Emblem pre-order bonus, an exclusive casing for your Peter Dinklage-voiced Ghost, an exclusive player ship and player emblem, as well as a reservation for two forthcoming Destiny expansions.

Destiny is available to pre-download now, but you won't be able to play the game until 12:01am PDT/03:01am EDT on launch day, September 9th. You'll find more instructions on pre-ordering and pre-loading Destiny on Xbox One over on Major Nelson's blog.
So does this mean we don't need street dates anymore?
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They'll still have the street dates for retail. And to play nice with retail they won't allow the games to be playable beforehand. Although, EA Access gives you the one week preview of new titles and predownloads if you preorder.
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This game will consume me.
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I'm curious to know if there are any worthwhile pre-order bonuses through other outlets. If not, I'll be getting it this way.

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