Destiny Xbox and PlayStation Sales Split 50/50


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Ahead of this week's UK charts, GfK Chart-Track has released sales figures for Destiny, during its first week in stores. Digital download figures aren't taken into account, but the stats indicate some interesting showings at retail. It seems that overall, there's a 50/50 split in Destiny sales between Xbox and PlayStation platforms.

While PlayStation 4 leads the charge at retail with a 46% share in sales - likely thanks in no small part to the bonus content included with the game - Xbox One isn't lagging all that far behind with 36% of units sold going to Microsoft's new-gen console.

Meanwhile, Xbox 360 scoops 14% of sales, compared to only 4% of sales on PlayStation 3. That's a 50% share in Destiny sales on both sides. Destiny is the biggest new IP launch in video game history, although exact sales figures for the game still have yet to be revealed. Activision has shipped $500 million worth in stock to retailers.

Get our written Destiny review here, and video review here. We'll have the full UK charts for you shortly.

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