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Found this on SG earlier. Could be common knowledge but I figured I'd throw it out there anyway, just in case...

So I just learned of this trick last night, which will allow you to self-revive with the warlock...over and over and over - in quick succession if need be. *Quite handy Smile. *You need to have your super energy filled up completely before you begin the process (obviously). *
Here are the steps:
1 - You must have your Fireborn perk equipped before you die.
2 - When you die, BEFORE you resurrect yourself, go in to your Sunsinger subclass and change to your Radiant Skin perk from the Fireborn perk. *This change won't actually take place until you are alive again - so, after the change you will still have the ability to revive yourself.
3 - Revive yourself. *You will now have the Radiant Skin perk active, AND, you will still have a FULL special ability progress bar.
4 - Get somewhere safe and switch your perk back to Fireborn. *You are now a Fireborn with a FULL special ability progress bar!
This will work over and over and over. *Even works in PVP, but it's really handy in PVE: *Nightfall, Raid, or difficult missions/strikes.
Enjoy it before they patch it!
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Very interesting, I usually don't take advantage of glitches, might have helped a little during the raid last night.
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Interesting. I'm sure I won't remember this, but good to know.
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Very interesting, I usually don't take advantage of glitches, might have helped a little during the raid last night.
Originally Posted by Fshguy
My thoughts on that: If a glitch has an effect on someone else's experience (ie. multi-player glitches, button combos, quick scoping, etc) then using it is a douchebag move. However, if my enemy is nothing more than AI, I'll abuse the crap out of any glitch I find.
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