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Started playing Destiny recently and I've become hooked. Currently have a 28 titan, but not loving the crapshoot that sites like destinylfg.com provide. Always looking to do weekly heroics/nightfall/raids, especially after Tuesday, so toss me a friend request or invite if you ever need more for Destiny activities.
When are you normally online? My buddy and I are on earlier than most so we usually end up running weekly heroic and nightfall with just the two of us. We play almost every night from around 5:30/6pm est til 8:30/9pm est.
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Between 5 and 8 EST is actually exactly when I'm usually online
Anytime y'all see me online just jump in if you want. If we're doing something that bores you or isn't what you want to be doing, you can hop back out and try again later...no big deal at all.
Instagram: @tat2dtrash
Twitter: @SG_Steelhead
DLC or non-DLC?
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I'll probably be looking for people to work on stuff as well. Would be nice to still be able to get the Nightfalls and weekly strikes done, as well as some raids each week.
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