Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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Hello all and hope ur all well, we dont get Deus Ex: Human Revolution here in the UK till friday so to all my friends in the USA if you get a chance could you give me a quick scope to what its like and if its worth gettin,cheers.
Looks like a few have got the game here on GTN. No posts about it yet though? I plan to go out tonight and pick it up, might do some videos on it...
Send me a link if you do mate, i still havent got it yet but have pre ordered Dead Island.
I have got the first 2 (10 min) videos up. I have about another 1.5 hours captured, just need to process / upload it so more to come. Will most likely then get to the middle of the game before I capture anymore just to show new stuff (tools and abilities).


Been playing it on my PC, so far having alot of fun with it.

I like how the game is difficult, but every time I die, I don't consider it to be the game's balancing fault. I think that it's my fault, and try my best to see what I'm doing wrong, and fix that.

So yeah, after 4 hours, it's been fun, been playing it slow though, because that's my first playthrough style.
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