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Dunno why I havent been more hyped for this as it looks pretty good. Probably because of all the other winter titles due to arrive soon. I've linked the GT page so you can have a look. The newest trailer got me excited. has a char. creator tool for download. PC only though but the game itself is on PC,360,PS3
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actually, i thought this looked terrible after the first trailer i saw. it was like they were just trying to use a lot of violence and sex for attention. i don't actually know too much about it though, so maybe it plays well.
It's Bioware/EA so I doubt it can be that bad. I mean Bioware have The Witcher, Neverwinter Nights and if I'm not mistaken Mass Effect to thier name. I'm going to wait for some reviews though. And it's coming out just a few days before MW2 hits over here and I'll be saving for that.
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Ok so I got the game on PC and so far it's awesome! It's been so long since a decent fantasy RPG and this pretty much hits the nail on the head. It has a decent story, great graphics and to top it all off it has some very nice combat. You also get covered in blood which is something thats been missing for a long time! I havent played much but I'm pleased with it so far, it's also quite challenging as you'll need to monitor your party throughout the battles. I'm having a hard time but it's very addictive. It's also a good break from all the FPS games...or just games with guns.

Not sure how the controls work on console though as skills are bound to keyboard numbers.
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That sounds great! How do the game mechanics work?

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I'll be renting it on my PlayStation 3; it definitely doesn't look like a solid purchase for me.
The problem there is the PS3. The game was optimised for PC. But you could always plug a usb kb into the ps3.
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Well my PS3 is my main gaming utility, so I always get games for that if I can help it. I know a lot of people have said it's better on PC, and my PC is more tham capable of playing it on full details, but I dunno.. Stick Out Tongue
Haha. That was excellent!

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I play a little bit more each day. Don't want to get addicted and have another Morrowind/Oblivion problem where I fail important things like degrees just because a certain game is so addictive.
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So it's THAT good?


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getting my ass kicked at the minute though. got to defend a town from enemies and they just keep coming! dont think i have enough healing potions for me and my party...well...there are plenty for me...just not them.
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