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Hello all, this is aimed out for my U S of A friends on here, just wondering what your views of Duke Nukem Forever are, It has been slated big time here in the UK, i got it the other week half price and so i thought i would give it a chance as i was a big fan back in the day, i think its a fairly fun playable game, the graphics are a bit dated but that does not bother me and its really cheesy but its supposed to be and so thats what make it more fun, its not as good as the original but still fun to play in my eyes.
I loved the old Duke Nukem games, but I have a hard time getting exciting about Duke Nukem Forever. G4 gave it a harsh review and scored it as 1/5 stars. Still, it wouldn't be a bad buy for half price. Not worth the full price from what I saw.
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